No More Crates: Developer Update


We just wanted to give you an update on Robocraft, outlining our immediate plans for the game which will see us completely removing crates and introducing some fan-favourite features and new cool stuff into Robocraft. Read on for the full lowdown.

TL:DR We ARE 100% removing crates in our next Phase 2 update where we will also add the Tech Tree. Tiers will arrive in the later Phase 3 update along with some other great features.


No More Crates Phase 2: Tech Tree is coming back!

To recap quickly; our previous Phase 1 update on May 17th removed purchasable crates. From that day onwards there was no longer a way of spending money to buy crates or any Robot parts directly. Our next update, Phase 2, will see the 100% removal of all Loot Crates/Boxes from Robocraft for good and the re-introduction of the Tech Tree. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  • 100% Loot Box/Crate removal
  • Tech Tree re-introduced with a new layout and some other enhancements
  • Tech Points re-introduced – when you Level Up you get a Tech Point with cool Special Effects for this
  • Robit battle rewards based on performance

The Phase 2 Update should™ take around 3 weeks to deliver to you. If the development Gods are looking kindly on us, we’ll have Phase 2 released before the end of June. To whet your appetite, for Phase 2, here’s a sneaky peek at the Tech Tree. Please note that this image is not final and may be subject to change.

tech tree WIP

No More Crates Phase 3: Tiers

In Phase 3 we will re-introduce Tiers to Robocraft along with other great features; some of them new, and some of them old. Here’s a list of what we have planned for Phase 3 so far:

  • 5 different Tiers – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
  • Robot Ranking returns – each part has Robot Rank and the combination of parts on your Robot will define its Tier
  • Higher rarity parts will typically have higher Robot Rank values
  • We’ll remove Boosts from the game
  • 8 vs 8 Elimination returns as a permanent game mode as part of the mode roster
  • Game Mode selected at random when battle launches, with users able to ‘opt-out’ of modes they don’t wish to play
  • A tiered reward system with higher Tiers giving greater XP and Robits
  • Ranking available in all Tiers, can you get to Protonium 5 star in all Tiers (it’ll be hardest in Legendary Tier)
  • Ranking system improvements so you can play for fun without losing your rank when you want to, and play hard to rank up when you want to

This may change as you give us feedback on this blog post so stay posted to the blog and we’ll update you if things change.

To finish, here’s a Tech Point animated GIF courtesy of our incredibly talented art team.

tech point

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