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Air Supremacy ?

Air Supremacy ?

Is this the end of air supremacy (ahem cough madattak 😉 ) ?
Launcher update Version 113

Main Features
–          Pitching your camera up will now enable you to look into the sky and mash-up your flying foes.
–          Auto teleport will now send you back to the mother ship once your Robot has been killed and only your seat remains.

Other Fixes
–          Sound bug fixed
–          player list no list everyone’s correct number of kill chains.
–          fixed the event stream to read correctly


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  1. realrobo says
    23/08/2013, 15:33

    i just made my tank fly >=P say hello to my little block! XD
    its so amazing, please dont nerf anything, otherwise id have to call it the floating brick XD

  2. Lightlord8534 says
    13/08/2013, 04:44


  3. funkyman8887 says
    12/08/2013, 20:36

    old melon?
    probably a one that rot of age

    no offense

  4. Witness the power of this fully functional ...MELON!! (Teaman22) says
    12/08/2013, 18:12

    plus i was a melon way before you were 😀

  5. Witness the power of this fully functional ...MELON!! (Teaman22) says
    12/08/2013, 18:11

    the rivalry of the melons begins >:)

  6. Pwning_melon says
    11/08/2013, 01:43

    Hey you should add game modes like team death match or capture the flag or something

  7. robofight says
    01/08/2013, 14:35

    //madattak if u wanna be the mastermind of air u will have to destroy everybody on the server (challenge)

    • funkyman8887 says
      12/08/2013, 17:07

      that challenge has been done.
      i was in the same server as him and i got crushed the second i saw him.

  8. GLaDOS says
    27/07/2013, 19:12


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