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Electroplate Armor Plating – Sneaky Peak

Electroplate Armor Plating – Sneaky Peak

“Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of the will, and the fort of reason” – and Electroplate Armor is the marshall of all gunbed SMG’s 🙂

Here’s a sneaky peak image of Ric (@FatDigester) working on the Electroplate Armor

Here’s the low down:

  • 10 x levels of Electroplate armor
  • All armor plates come in separate left and right hand versions
  • High levels are larger in size and tougher
  • Electroplate has been designed to have interesting shapes and forms that can compliment the style of Robots in game at present
  • The shapes vary a lot as you progress from L1 to L10
  • Electroplate sits in the ‘Hardware’ category
  • It has high CPU, and high Robot Ranking so adding it will push you up Tier, just like adding Weapons
  • Electroplate will be coated in a electromagnetic force-field which will be glowing and visible to your enemies
  • The force field will absorb high amounts of damage
  • Taking sustained hits on the force field will take it down
  • With the force field down the plating can be shot, it will fragment and pieces will fall off
  • If you can avoid shots for a period of time, the force-field will regenerate
  • Since the CPU will be high, users will need to make a choice between 1 x more weapon, or 1 x more electroplate
  • All Robot styles will be able to make use of the Electroplate, but we see Plasma and Rail Robots being able to benefit the most since they will be able to take a few hits, shoot, then retreat to cover to recharge
  • Release date is two weeks away

Things coming next week:

  • Hex Tree – new hexagon tessellated Tech Tree layout
  • Robot CPU damage indicator (i.e. health bar) in your HUD
  • Robot CPU damage indicators on your enemies, so you can see how much damage you are doing as you hit them
  • Screen effects when you take damage
  • Improved audio so you can hear when you hit or miss enemies, and when you get hit more clearly
  • Fog and view distance fixes, so fliers can see who is shooting at them and shoot back

PS: What’s that in your ear Ric?



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  1. Sectapod says
    25/05/2014, 14:12

    PS: What’s that in your ear Ric?

    omg i think i know what it is…..HES A REMINATOR!

    • Sectapod says
      25/05/2014, 14:13


      (the fingers strikes back :P)

  2. Delta_Forums says
    21/05/2014, 17:32

    I finally got a forums account! 😀 yes, it is me, delta, but I needed a new account to regester on the forums, cuz it got a bit messed up when i signed up :/

    • goodiesohhi (Forum) says
      23/05/2014, 20:00

      Same lol I couldn’t login to forum with normal account cause it said it didn’t exist and when I tried making an account it would say my username is used…

  3. Lord_Banjo says
    20/05/2014, 15:01

    No twitter updates or posts by the debs yet today… Mebay the update for this week will come out today? Or tommorow?
    Cant wait for electroplated armor! (Thanks for the 2 week hesitant release date! That takes some commitment to gIve out realease dates.)
    Seems like it will have a positive impact on the game. (:

  4. oX_Dragonoff_Xo says
    20/05/2014, 03:00

    Flyers are that bad…… at tier 1…. lol

    • thehit says
      20/05/2014, 11:54

      no i m tier 4

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