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Early Access for Premium Users

Early Access for Premium Users

As a fantastic new benefit to Premium users we are offering 1 week ‘Early Access’ to all new cubes prior to their full release. We hope that by offering this exclusive benefit that more of you will become premium users and help support the development of Robocraft.

This new Premium benefit will start with the Radar Jammer and Radar Receiver cubes which are planned for release Tuesday next week.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t intend to buy Premium just yet, all cubes will become available to all users just one week after the premium launch.


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  1. StevenJam says
    30/04/2014, 22:05

    Up date is out

  2. setozero says
    29/04/2014, 21:58

    Mark when is the update if not today let us know so I stop checking and go do other things

  3. QweSteR says
    29/04/2014, 17:58

    It’s a pity

  4. setozero says
    29/04/2014, 13:59

    Are the rail guns being released today I saved allot of my tech points just to unlock everything.

  5. QweSteR says
    29/04/2014, 09:34

    update today?

    • FirefoxAbyss says
      29/04/2014, 17:13

      It was supposed to be today… Not sure what’s going on.

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