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E14 Drone Cam #5.657



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  1. ryanrodrigues says
    17/12/2014, 16:18

    robocraft eu acho que seria legal faser mapas de cidades ou de mapas aquaticos com atualizaçoes de barcos

    • Quatoo says
      17/12/2014, 19:49

      vou traduzir para você meu caro: ryanrodrigues means “robocraft I think it would be cool make some maps on cities or aquatics and new updates with boats and ships”

  2. techbomb says
    17/12/2014, 04:50

    hey robocraft i know you might be working on something else but i was hoping you could read my message and maybe take it into consideration a new weapon and a new map
    i know i know it takes time to both make weapons and especially a map but the a player map is one that im hoping you could do a map on an asteroid near saturn and the weapon a missile launcher and i’ve got a counter a a missile jammer but both the weapons need to recharge after so many shots depending on tier so if you could consider it would be cool thanks techbomb out

  3. soocerguy says
    12/12/2014, 04:08


  4. Captain_Panda says
    08/12/2014, 23:19

    Ooooo 😀 So exited to see what this is tomorrow! 🙂

    08/12/2014, 13:49

    those things got plasma

  6. Devildoom says
    08/12/2014, 11:20

    I think I saw guns on wheels is that video.

    • ZinogreTW says
      09/12/2014, 08:26

      yes you can put guns on top of the tracks 😀

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