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Double XP Weekend


xin nian kuai le*

Tomorrow many of our players will be celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. Centuries old and steeped in tradition with many myths and legends surrounding it, Chinese New Year is an important festival; in fact it is one of the World’s most celebrated.

We’re celebrating the Year of the Dog with a weekend full of bonus XP in Robocraft. Play anytime between Friday 16th February 12:00 (UTC) and Tuesday 20th February at 11:00 (UTC) and you’ll earn double XP at the end of battle.

This means everyone will level up quicker and so will receive their level up Protonium rewards crates quicker too. It also means that clan members will receive more Robits at the end of the current season. So, if you’re short of Robits, join a clan and get playing over the weekend. If you’re a Premium player your double XP will be doubled again!! That’s a whole lotta XP coming your way.

Note: Double XP will only apply to battles and not building. Double XP is added prior any other bonuses (party bonus, mastery bonus and premium bonus) and will not be displayed on the battle summary screen as a separate entry.

*(pronounced “sheen neean kwai luh”) Happy New Year