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Dive Bomber by madattak

Awesome Dive Bomber by mad, shame the camera isn’t better for shooting bots – don’t worry, we’re going to fix that and deliver a better camera in the not too distant future.



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  1. puppycop12213 says
    17/07/2013, 15:08

    man i cant kill that guy in multiplayer because i cant aim that high!!

  2. madattak
    madattak says
    17/07/2013, 14:47

    Just killed a few people using this design in online =D

  3. bigred says
    02/07/2013, 04:27

    Wow I like the design and that it its stable not to flip over so… ”Nice”.

    • madattak
      madattak says
      05/07/2013, 20:41

      Thanks! Even I was suprised how it’s still flyable even missing the L3 and L2 thrusters from one side.

  4. madattak
    madattak says
    21/06/2013, 19:45

    I just tried this in combat-Suprsingly effective as long as you make one change:
    Swap the small guns for a large one. The small guns would get knocked off and unbalance the craft, but as long as the big 4 thrusters dotn get hit, good piloting can compensate for other thruster damage.

  5. alvarcraftrobo1 says
    21/06/2013, 17:19

    I love it

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