Hallowfest 5 Rises Tomorrow


The season of the Robotic Witch is almost upon us as our annual Halloween-themed spooky in-game event Hallowfest returns to Robocraft tomorrow, October 18th. For all the details of the event, read on… If you dare!!


Hallowfest 5 will bring with it a time-limited Trick or Treat Campaign complete with exclusive night map, a special promotional code that will unlock a number of scary cosmetic parts, an updated Mothership with animated haunted portraits of some of the developers, terrifying pumpkins scattered across the different maps and much, much more.


Trick or Treat Campaign:

Darkness has fallen across the land in the special time-limited Campaign, Trick or Treat. Battle five waves of ghastly robotic beasties across the darkened landscape of “Hell Crater”; complete with haunting sound effects and music. The Trick or Treat Campaign will require players to build Robots that utilise specific spooky cosmetic parts.


FREE spooky parts for all players:

To participate in the Trick or Treat Campaign, you will need to build a robot that uses Spider Insect Legs or Bat Wings and Rudders. We know that these parts can only be forged using Cosmetic Credits and so everyone is going to get a stack of them for FREE when redeeming a promotional code in-game. The code will only be valid until 23:59 (UTC) on November 4th so you’ll need to use it before then if you want the free parts. The code will be revealed in-game once the update is live.

When using the code, players will receive:

  • 1x Complete Scary Mask
  • 6x Spider Insect Legs
  • 4x Vampire Bat Wings
  • 4x Vampire Bat Rudders
  • 4x Bat Wings
  • 4x Bat Rudders

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Please note that the spooky parts are cosmetic variants of existing base parts and players must have the base part unlocked in the Tech Tree and have available inventory in order to use the cosmetic variant.

Health boost for spooky parts:

The spooky parts will receive a health boost for the duration of the event. These boosts affect all game modes.

  • Scary Mask base health increased to 1,620
  • Spider Insect Legs base health increased to 74,250
  • Vampire Bat Wing base health increased to 25,988
  • Vampire Bat Rudder base health increased to 18,985
  • Bat Wing base health increased to 21,938
  • Bat Rudder base health increased to 15,525

In addition to all the above, we will also be decorating the Build Mode Mothership with some suitably shocking decorations including spiders, pumpkins, terrifying messages and animated portraits. We have also sprinkled some pumpkins across all the maps in the game.

The Hallowfest 5 event will run through to Monday November 5th when it will leave orbit for another year.

Maintenance for this update will start at 10:00 (UTC+1) and is expected to last up to four hours. The reason for this extended downtime is that essential server-side maintenance needs to be carried out at the same time. Please note that the server-side maintenance may cause issues once we bring the game back online and players start logging in and further maintenance may be required. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stress-test the maintenance without an influx of players.

Happy hunting haunting all!

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