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For a long time now the humble Chassis blocks have been neglected by Freejam and we felt it was time to give these noble geometric shapes some much-needed love.

So, with the next update we’ll be making some surgical changes to the Chassis and the way they work in Robocraft that at first may seem small but are set to really improve Robocraft’s building engine significantly. These changes have been designed to give you ‘more freedom’, ‘more diversity’ and ‘more depth’, so read on for more detail on these exciting changes.


This change was requested by a number of members of the community and after listening to their reasons for requesting the change we were sold so have decided to make the change in-game.

‘Equalization of the Chassis’ simply means:

‘All Chassis Shapes will have the same Mass, Health and CPU’

The benefits of this change are as follows:

  • You’re no longer forced to use a specific shape everywhere on your Robot because of its ‘efficiency’, you can now use shape for shape
  • You can now make your Robots look cool without having to sacrifice health
  • We will be adding a new set of Chassis shapes with this update that are lower Mass to allow you to still build compact light Robots and to allow for complex Chassis
  • rigs to remain a thing in Robocraft

The values:

  • Name: Health Cube (will explain why this name below)
  • Mass: 10Kg
  • CPU: 1 pFLOP
  • Health: 1,500 (will explain why this is reduced from 2,100 below)


Again, after many requests from the Robocraft community to bring back the much loved TX cubes we’ve listened and we’re bringing them back, but this time all Chassis shapes will be represented in TX form.


The values:

  • Name: Light Cube
  • Mass: 2Kg
  • CPU: 3 pFLOPS
  • Health: 4,500


This change is a big one. An altogether new system called ‘Health Boost’.


How it works?:

  • Every ‘Health’ and ‘Light’ Cube (or other shape) added to your Robot will add a % ‘Health Boost’ to your Robot
  • All parts in your Robot have their health increased by this %
  • ‘Health Cubes’ have 0.1% Health Boost per block placed on your Robot
  • ‘Light Cubes’ also have 0.1% per block, but as they are 3 pFLOPS they provide less % Health Boost per CPU spent
  • The total Health Boost % in your Robot is added to all blocks in the Robot at the beginning of battle, including the Chassis Blocks themselves

The benefits of this system:

  • A simple but powerful build system providing deeper build options
  • A strong reason to choose to add more Chassis blocks to your Robot
  • Difficult choices; will you add more functional parts for redundancy, or more chassis for more health?
  • Less requirement to spam functional parts on your Robot as you now have an option to make them tougher
  • Electroplates work brilliantly with this system, EP protecting frontal weak points on your Robot are also boosted by the other Chassis blocks in the rest of the Robot making them even stronger
  • EP do not provide Health Boost themselves, so work well in combo with Health and Light cubes
  • Many more options to be creative in the shape of your Robot, add a tail to you Robot, a nose, or teeth, or spikes on the back, they all add extra health boost – might not be the most efficient way to place your blocks but adding a few creative elements to your Robot no longer penalises you in the same way as before
  • So, since the health of the Chassis Cube (new name Health Cube) has fallen from 2,100 to 1,500 the Health Boost system can boost that lower health back up to reach same average TTKs*

*It’s likely the meta will shift as builders adjust to the new meta, with TX cube and Health Booster playing a major role in the shift. We will therefore adjust the health and health boost values as the meta shifts with the aim of maintaining the same average TTK overall so expect this to take a while to settle down.

These changes should place a lot more emphasis on how you balance all the parts in your Robot, Movement, Weaponry AND Chassis, rather than simply thinking of the Chassis as something you use to connect the other parts, it has a meaningful function in its own right.

Thanks for reading!