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Dev Jam #10 – Simmons & Turner on Robocraft Infinity

robocraft_infinity_v1When we first started the Dev Jam series, our goal from the outset was to give you, the community, a greater insight into the inner-workings of Freejam. Finding out what makes us tick and why we do the things we do. Also, using them as a platform to announce new and exciting Robocraft-related content.

So, when I say I’m really excited about this Robocraft announcement, believe me; I and the whole team here at Freejam are excited about this and I know many of you will be too as it’s something you’ve asked for… Robocraft will be coming exclusively to Microsoft’s Xbox One platform as part of the ID@Xbox developer program. This new version of Robocraft , titled Robocraft Infinity will be released in early 2018 and will be ‘Play Anywhere’ – purchase it once and it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC platforms.

Before I go into any more detail on Robocraft Infinity, I want to allay any concerns that you guys may have with regards to the current and future development of Robocraft on the PC. Let me be crystal clear, we’re not stopping development of Robocraft PC; this could not be further from the truth. We have a huge development schedule which will see us creating content for the PC version of Robocraft for years to come. In fact the revenue generated from both the Steam and Xbox versions will be combined to help us create more features and content for all versions.


What Is Robocraft Infinity?
Robocraft Infinity is a new product that is being developed alongside Robocraft. This standalone, buy-to-play game is being fully remastered for Xbox One with new controls, new physics, new achievements, an all-new progression system and more! We will be revealing more about Robocraft Infinity over the coming months as we get closer to launching in early 2018. One thing I can say at the moment is that we’ll be introducing a new ‘Infinite Block’ (hence the Infinity name) progression system into Robocraft Infinity; designed to suit this ‘pay-up-front’ version of the game.

What About Regular Robocraft?
So what does this mean for regular Robocraft? As I said earlier, the development of regular PC Robocraft will continue as normal. We’re still working towards leaving Steam Early Access in July and in the coming weeks we’ll be making more changes and improvements to the PC version. We have enough content for the next few years to keep us busy.

In fact, Robocraft Infinity is a great thing for PC version as there will be a lot of cross-pollination between the two products. For example, we’ll be bringing controller support to the PC version as well as achievements.

Again, I want to make it clear that we’re not ‘downing tools’ or diverting critical resources from the Robocraft development team to Infinity, in fact we’ve been boosting the Freejam family specifically for this product. In our next Robocraft update coming on Thursday June 15th, we’ll be adding more content to custom games including The Pit Mode, old maps and a few options for you to play with. We will also be putting in a new BRAWL as well as more balance changes. Keep an eye on Robocraftgame.com; we’ll reveal more next week.

Tell Us More!!
At the moment we’re unable to give you anymore information as to what Robocraft Infinity is all about; however, if you’re in Los Angeles next week and you’ve got a ticket to the hottest show in-town (no, not Ric’s pole dancing world tour), I’m talking about E3, then head over to the Microsoft stand as both Luis and Andy will be in attendance and they’ll be showing off an early build of Robocraft Infinity.

You can keep up to date with all things Infinity-related by signing up to the newsletter.

Got a question about Robocraft Infinity? Write it down, and bring it to a future Robocraft Infinity Robostream special where we will be answering your questions. Again, keep an eye out on the Robocraftgame.com website as well as our social spaces for when that will be.

This is an exciting time in Robocraft’s development and one we very much hope you’ll join us for.

[Ric:] My nan is excited; she’s a hardcore XB1 player. What’s her gamertag? It’s ‘Mad Gerald’

Mark Simmons, Game Director and CEO, Freejam
Ric Turner, Art Director, Freejam