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Multiplayer has been changed to death-match – Make sure you are the last robot standing and get the VICTORY BONUS!

– Last man standing wins the Victory Bonus!
– Victory Bonus is bigger the higher the Tier you fight in
– Players now join via a Lobby Screen
– All players enter the battle together
– User names, Robot names and Robot Tiers are all shown on the Lobby screen so have fun making those funny Robot names
– If you exit the battle early, or if you get destroyed early, your Robot will remain in battle until the battle is over
– When you have Robots in battle, you can use your Garage to take other Robots into new battle so you never have to wait


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  1. Ninja (Ninjadude501) says
    23/09/2013, 22:25

    Ahem, this has been fun, but what are you Devs planning next for Robocraft? Hoverjets? 😀

  2. robofight says
    23/09/2013, 16:11

    oh bother 🙂 ur going down >:)

  3. Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
    23/09/2013, 02:47

    Be warned aircraft of the tier 3-5 server! The Darkangel has been rebuilt and dark times will plague the lands of Mars once more! Heed my warning, for only AurCo’s mercy can save you! Choose your friends and enemies, for that decision may cost you your wings.

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