Upcoming Maintenence: Weapon Balancing

Hello everyone! The christmas jumpers have been packed away for another year and everyone is now back in the office ready to work on Robocraft for 2019. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays!

Tomorrow, we are pushing an update to solve some balance issues that the community have raised. This does mean that there will be a planned maintenance period that will begin on January the 9th at 09:30AM GMT. This should take just fifteen minutes, but we’ll do our best to let you know if we need just a little more time.

The changes include:

  • 10% Nerf to damage for all lasers
  • 5% buff to damage for all weapons (Except Rail)
  • Accuracy changes to Lasers and Rails to make them more inaccurate whilst moving and repeating firing.
  • Disabling the christmas campaign “Sleigh Ride”

Once the update goes live, we’ll be keeping an eye on the forums with your feedback. Spend a couple of days processing the new changes and if you have any particular suggestions to improve the balancing further, we’ll have a special post going live where you will be free to share thoughts on weapon balancing.

In the meantime, sit tight while we prepare the next update. As always, Build, Drive, Fight!

ReelBigKris - Comms Manager

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