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RoboPass Season 1 is now live! Unlock awesome cosmetics from snowflake trails, neon cubes and fairy lights!

RoboPass has officially launched! Make sure to hop in to Robocraft right now to begin unlocking new cosmetics as part of this major update.

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RoboPass is available in two flavours, RoboPass Free and RoboPass Plus. check out the GIF below to see the full content unlockable from grade 1 to 30!


Those with the free version of RoboPass will unlock the bottom row, Whilst players who purchase RoboPass Plus will unlock items from both rows!

RoboPass Plus will cost just $9.99, or your local price! Owners of Premium For Life will be given a 50% discount and will also progress through the grades much faster due to earning double EXP

New Christmas Challenge

One of the changes we made during this update is to change the naming of Campaigns to Challenges. We felt that this better represented the current game play. In addition we’ve also created a brand new challenge called “Sleigh Ride” where you’ll face waves of Christmas themed robots on a Christmas themed map previously seen at the end of 2016.


New HoloFlags

We’ve created several new holoflags for players to unlock. To celebrate our very first season of RoboPass there will also be a very special season 1 HoloFlag which will unlock at grade 11!


The Season 1 HoloFlag will be available for the free version of RoboPass and RoboPass Plus.

Previously revealed content

Over the last week we’ve been sharing news every single day, for those who missed these here are just a few of the new pieces of content which will be available with RoboPass:








Go Play RoboPass Season 1 now!

So without any further ado, The RoboPass update is live right now! It will be available to purchase in game for $9.99. Premium For Life players will receive a 50% discount! So go play it, give us your feedback!

Robocraft Update: #1.13-2665

Below are the full patch notes for the RoboPass Update; to find out more information about some of the new features and content, please read the accompanying post by clicking here.

##Robocraft Update: #1.13-2665 Below are the full patch notes for the RoboPass Update; to find out more information about some of the new features and content, please read the accompanying post right here.


  • RoboPass Season 1 is live! Earn XP to unlock free cosmetics, or buy RoboPass Plus to get lots of extra rewards from this Season. Premium For Life players get 50% off RoboPass Plus!
  • Boost removal and associated weapon rebalance. Full details here.
  • New Christmas Challenge “Sleigh Ride” available to play at all difficulty levels!
  • New flaming exhaust blower and flaming exhaust stacks cosmetic cubes obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Death & Spawn Effects! Unlocked effects can be set in the “Customize” screen for each robot in your mothership.
  • New Present spawn and Firework death effect obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Black hole spawn and Black Hole death effect obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Royale Lander spawn and Feather death effect obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Christmas Present (Large and Small variants) obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Neon Cubes obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Fairy Light cosmetic item obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New T5 Seeker variant: Firework Launcher obtainable via RoboPass. Please note: This requires the unlocking of the T5 Seeker Launcher on the tech tree to use.
  • New Holoflags: Snowflake, Candy Cane, “Santa Cray”, 2019, & “RoboPass Season 1” obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New Vapor Trails: Snowflake and Firework obtainable via RoboPass.
  • New native real money store. A cleaner and clearer user interface for making in-game purchases.


  • Obtaining multiple Tech Points in a single battle (via gaining more than one level) will now only display one screen.
  • Players below level 76 in Tiers 1 & 2 playing in Bronze or Silver ranks will be match-made in a different lobby to improve new user experience.
  • Item shop now has notification badge on top-bar UI when new items are available for purchase.
  • Added “Quick Purchase” buttons to currency UI to make it clear where to add more Cosmetic Credits and Premium.
  • Updated pricing of real-money items to make local currency exchange rates more consistent.
  • Item shop improvements.


  • Tesla blades properly animate to open when active.
  • Windowmaker Module no longer highlights team mates when activated.
  • Ghost Module effect no longer removed when another robot in battle is destroyed.
  • 2000 CPU robots with additional cosmetics now display as T5, not TM in mothership UI. This also addressed an issue that prevented users queueing as a party if one member’s robot was considered TM due to cosmetic parts.
  • Chaingun fire rate at 0 energy fixed to work as intended.
  • Fixed T3 Cross Strut connection point issue.
  • Robots downloaded from CRF are no longer given keyboard controls by default.
  • “Go to Tech Tree” button now correctly opens Tech Tree UI.
  • ESC now closes the language selection screen on login UI without throwing an error.
  • If the party leader changes robot within the same Tier as the rest of the party, party members will no longer be kicked from queue.
  • Windows firewall popup no longer triggers on first connection to multiplayer match.
  • AI Players now show loadout correctly in pre-battle UI summary screen.
  • Protonium core “shimmer” VFX properly disappears after protonium core is damaged but not destroyed.
  • Custom avatars no longer removed for users without active Premium when dismissing the avatar selection dialogue with ESC key or “Cancel”.
  • Premium bonus now correctly messaged as +100% not +25%. This awarded 100% bonus to Premium users correctly but messaged the premium bonus incorrectly.
  • Item shop purchase confirmation text now correctly swapped with post-purchase “thank you” text.
  • Brawl daily quest will not be drawn while Brawl mode is set to inactive as it cannot be achieved.
  • Fixed issue where the Hover/Rotor daily quest “Hover Over” could not be completed.
  • Custom Game UI now correctly renders on 4:3 resolutions.
  • Glass Cube Health and Mass details now correct on tooltip UI
  • Missing audio effect for when rolling over UI elements in Campaign details fixed.
  • Fixed problem where users who haven’t logged in for a long time would have their robots disappear from the CRF until their next login.
  • Campaign restrictions now accurate across tiers. Previously there were exceptions where a part may have been permitted within the rules as written but excluded due to tier restrictions.
  • “Top 100” Holoflag missing texture fixed.
  • Addressed edge case where a user with a pending completed quest confirmation pop-up would be stuck on a blurry screen when logging in.
  • Addressed rare account corruption issue that prevented users from logging in.

As always… Build, Drive, Fight!

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