Maintenence Complete

We are now out of maintenence!

Hi everyone,

Robocraft has left maintenance! The new build includes the following bug fixes.

  • All completed daily quests are now replaced each day.
  • Three daily quests are given to new users on login, rather than one.
  • Fixed missing sprites in inventory for Radar Jammers.
  • Emotigrams now appear in Pit custom games.
  • Users can no longer purchase RoboPass Plus multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that caused emotigram audio to be offset.
  • Tapping V will now play the default emotigram, holding V will now open the emotigram wheel.
  • Clan player list now displays correctly if opened while in lobby queue.
  • Fixed missing localisation on the season 2 holoflag.

Build, Drive, Fight!

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