January Recap

This months Recap details the weapon balance changes f+ma system and announces the winners for the Protonium challenge competition

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the January monthly recap! A special announcement post which details the last month of happenings in bitesize chunks! If a particular topic interests you further you can read more about it by clicking the relevant links.

January 9th & 10th - Balance Update

We issued a new balance update based upon early player feedback which contains changes to various weapons. At the same time, a community feedback thread had been pinned to the top of Steam forums and website forums to gain valuable data direct from players.

January 17th - F=ma Progress update

We revealed the first work in progress gifs showing the new F=ma changes we’re looking to release in an upcoming update. The first movement part we had shown which had these changes implemented were rotors.



Of course, more parts will receive these agility changes so stay tuned for further updates!

January 24th - Community Balance Update Live

Based on a couple of community feedback threads we had created several weeks ago, we began to roll out our findings in a brand new update! The data we had received was very valuable and allowed us to release the first Community Balance Update. We are hoping to continue to create interesting polls and feedback forms to allow us to greatly refine the core game experience.

Alongside this community balances update we included a variety of quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Our current community balance feedback survey has over 300 players sharing their thoughts on Robocraft

January 28th - Premium For Life Sale

While not an official announcement, It is still worth mentioning! The Premium For Life membership for Robocraft is now on sale at 30% off. It contains the following benefits:

  • Grants all paint colours for use in the Editor
  • Doubles the amount of experience and robits earned from matches
  • Upload your own personal avatar picture
  • Additional Cosmetic CPU

In addition, Premium For Life also grants a 50% discount to RoboPass Season 1, which will be ending on February 18th.

The Protonium Campaign Challenge


While not directly linked to January, we are announcing the winners for the Protonium challenge competition today!

We’ll be crediting the following players 5,000 CC each for successfully completing Protonium Difficulty and sharing their video on Twitter

  • Rafyfou
  • -Lumen-
  • Dued
  • Coob2003
  • The-Alien
  • Nefilm
  • Venturinblue
  • Vectron2
  • Nakkaryo-n
  • LordForce
  • Serg_04
  • JJson400
  • Chan Tzi
  • Iwaken225
  • Dustybin
  • Hosi
  • Drake1001
  • Sharkaporyum
  • TheReD40
  • VintageGriffin
  • Gabriel317
  • Ben-Skywalker
  • PathForger
  • DehSpy


RoboPass ends on the 18th of February, so make sure that you have unlocked all of the grades by then to unlock awesome cosmetic items. To purchase these items individually will cost over $100 but of course playing through RoboPass to unlock these items will cost just $9.99 (Or $4.99 for Premium For life owners).

Additionally below is just a tease of our workload for the month of February:

  • Physics adjustments to movement parts.
  • Provide more value to Robits for new players and veterans.
  • Flying AI bots and other AI changes
  • Work towards RoboPass Season 2

Additionally, the Lunar New Year is next week. It’ll be the year of the pig. If you’re looking for a cool new artbot to build this weekend, maybe consider building a pig!

Build, Drive, Fight


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