Infinity Is Coming To Robocraft


Hey Robocrafters, If you’ve been following the Robocraft news you’ll know that earlier this week we outlined our plans for Phases 2 and 3 of the “No More Crates” series of updates which will see us completely remove crates from Robocraft, introduce the Tech Tree (Phase 2) and Tiers (Phase 3) into the game along with lots more awesome features and content.


As developers we want to be able to deliver more cool content and fabulous features to you faster, but as we’re currently split between three very different versions of Robocraft (RC Steam/Launcher, RC Infinity on Xbox One and the F2P Robocraft Infinity in China (co-developed with Tencent)) it’s incredibly difficult to deliver on that. So, we’re proposing some big upgrades to the Steam version of Robocraft, making it more like the F2P Robocraft Infinity in China. Doing this will allow us to deliver more new features, improvements, bug fixes and content faster as we won’t be developing different things on different versions of Robocraft.

Here’s a summary of the planned improvements and how they’ll be great for Robocraft Steam. Please note that these improvements will also apply to the Robocraft Launcher version.

  • Infinity progression system integration – when you unlock a part on the tech tree you can place it an infinite number of times on as many Robots as you like
  • More colors to paint with – 8 for free players and 32 for those with Premium
  • Infinity CRF – Robots can be downloaded for free as long as you have unlocked all the parts required to build each Robot
  • With the infinity progression system, you’ll need something to spend your Robits on and so we want to make changes to the Item Shop which will allow you to buy many cosmetics with Robits or Cosmetic Credits. Some cosmetics will remain CC exclusives but a majority of them will be forgeable with Robits
  • A new Main Menu with split screen showing your selected Robot on the right hand side
  • Dynamic User-Interface (UI) – visual improvements to the UI and it will handle higher resolutions much better
  • Hover-over tooltips
  • Improved crosshairs in battle
  • Improved lighting in environments
  • Controls can be changed via the Pause Menu – switch from keyboard to cam controls in battle!
  • Game checks you have functional parts on your Robot before you enter battle – No more accidentally going into battle without a weapon or movement part
  • Building shortcut hints for new users (can be disabled in Settings for vets)
  • Robot Voting system after battle, vote on who had best Robot (this feature needs improvement and we’d be happy to hear your suggestions on how we could do this)
  • Upgrade the game to a newer version of the Unity game engine
  • Network communication technology improvements

Please note that we will not be introducing everything that’s different in the Robocraft Infinity China version into the Steam/Launcher version as we don’t want to break player Robots and so the following will apply to the Steam version:

  • CPU costs of parts will remain the same with max 2000 CPU
  • Parts will remain the same as on Steam
  • Nominal counts of weapons will remain the same
  • Hit boxes of Hover and Thrusters etc. will remain the same

Thanks for reading and as always, please leave us your feedback. Nothing is set in stone and everything can be influenced by your feedback.

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