Dev Jam - New Cubes and Rods


Producer Phil here with another Dev Jam to talk about the upcoming additions to Robocraft. In our next update we’ll be releasing new rods for you guys to craft with and new classes of cubes to further hone your robots towards the style of play you most enjoy.

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New Cubes!

As discussed in a previous Dev Jam we want to add a new cube system to allow more strategic building of robots. We already have a Light cube and a normal (Health) cube which each serve a different purpose but form a duality rather than a spectrum of approaches when designing and building a competitive fighting machine.

Our new cube system will be more intuitive, as well as a powerful addition for those of you who love to get the most out of your robots; the cube system will have 4 types:

  • Light Cubes
  • Medium Cubes – existing Health Cubes will be renamed to Medium Cubes
  • Heavy Cubes
  • Compact Cubes – existing Light Cubes will be renamed to Compact Cubes


Light Cubes: The new version of Light Cubes are designed for flying attack craft and aerial dogfighters. They will be the same CPU as Medium Cubes but will be lighter and with less health. Builders will be able to build featherweight flyers and nimble duelists but the trade-off will be that they need to make themselves smaller targets and/or nimble pilots to mitigate the increased likelihood of structural damage in battle.

Medium Cubes: Health Cubes will be renamed to Medium Cubes and have the same stats. They are middle-of-the-road cubes likely to be seen on starter bots (as they come automatically unlocked on the tech tree), art bots (due to their untextured nature lending themselves to clean pixel art) and jack-of-all-trades robots that need to balance speed with damage resistance in battle.

Heavy Cubes: Heavy Cubes are a brand new addition to the Tech Tree. They will be the counterpoint to the Light Cubes and are designed for heavy tanks, point contesters, gunbeds, assault mechs, and megabots. They will be the same CPU as the Light and Medium Cubes but have higher higher health with the tradeoff of increased weight. The more direct builders amongst you that want an unsubtle robot that thrives in the heat of battle will want to upgrade your existing robots to Heavy Cubes.

Compact Cubes: As already detailed, existing Light Cubes will be renamed to Compact Cubes.

New Rods!

In addition to the new Cubes system we’ve also created a set of Rods to open up even more building options. The more astute builders amongst you will spot some downsized versions of existing favourites, the 1×5 now has a 1×2 version, the 3×3 curve now has a 2×2 curve variant, and so on. We didn’t just make mini versions of existing Rods though; we’re also introducing a new crossbar Rod too. Please note, the current Rod Short will be renamed to Rod to make sizing easier.


In the very near future we’ll also be bringing you Strut variants to further bolster your expanding roster of building parts.

How do you get the new parts?

When we release the new parts, they’ll be added to the Tech Tree and you’ll need to unlock some of them with Tech Points.

  • Medium Cubes will remain as the default cube that’s unlocked for everyone.
  • Heavy Cubes will be added to the Tech Tree and cost 2 Tech Points each to unlock.
  • Light Cubes will be moved further down the unlock path and unless you already have them unlocked require heavy cubes to be unlocked first. They will cost 3 Tech Points each to unlock.
  • The Rods will cost 1 Tech Point for each variant.

How do you get Tech Points?

You will receive one Tech Point each time you level up in Robocraft. If you currently have everything unlocked on the Tech Tree, you won’t receive any additional Tech Points for levelling up UNTIL the new parts have been added to the game.

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