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Dawn of the Megabots – Major Notes

 Dawn of the Megabots РMajor Notes!

For the full detailed list of changes, please click here


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  1. chimpmonkey says
    21/02/2015, 20:27

    smgs are op

  2. Gnapzoid says
    21/02/2015, 01:04

    [skwees externally]

  3. Flybolt says
    20/02/2015, 13:05

    is the seat “big” for the pilot? or the pilot will be just as big as the seat (actually i did not see mega seat in rc game, coz im t8.)

    • benq994 says
      25/02/2015, 08:30

      It just look diffrently. the point is it has 6x connection points so megabots most likely die when all functional parts(wheels guns plates) are destroyed.

  4. AceabTNA says
    19/02/2015, 23:29

    :O they took my advice omg … the update was delayed but no wonder totally worth it.
    Now only things left are … the shotgun <,< … the center of mass indicator … joints … and zoom adjustment

    Also i have a picture of a glitch i took like 2 months ago where i saw that mega chair : I … 2 months … yeah … and a few other things …. like everything was not where it was supposed to be … especially tier tree … i hope those come out i talked about the chair in chat when i saw it V.V … anyone want to see .. lastacdb@gmail.com and i will show if it's ok it has date in it to

  5. gamer_black_jack says
    19/02/2015, 19:25


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