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Damage Boost & CRF 2.0 Update – OUT NOW!


Our latest double-hitter of an update is now live! It’s a massive beast of an update that includes the addition of a new Damage Boost mechanic designed to give all players regardless of their Robot’s CPU, the same weapon energy, as well as some pretty major changes to the Community Robot Factory (CRF) that include a new ‘mastery’ system and also brand new functionality such as the much-requested ‘Copy Robot’ feature.

Oh, there’s an exciting new weapon too – the Rail Impaler! We’ve also giving you more room on the battlefield with a 20% upscale to the maps; I honestly don’t know how we squeezed it all in.

As usual, we’ve addressed some balance issues (based on your feedback) and squished a whole raft of bugs too.

Read the full patch notes for all the information on the update