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  • Helion Crater and Gliese Lake maps added to Custom Games
  • Pit Mode added to Custom Games
  • The following options are now selectable in Custom Games:
    • Health Regenerate ON/OFF
    • Capture Segment Memory ON/OFF*
    • Damage multiplier slider – set down to 10% or up to 500% damage multiplier for all Robots in battle.

*This switch turns on/off the capture point segment memory feature. When set to off, players must capture all segment points in one push; moving off the capture point before all segments have been captured the capture point will begin to fall back to zero segments captured.

  • Micro Mashings BRAWL:
    • Movement type: Wheels only
    • Weapon type: No restrictions
    • CPU Limits: 500 CPU or less
    • Game Mode: The Pit
    • Number of players: 10
    • Map: Helion Crater
    • Fixed Weapon Energy amount: 10,000


  • Nanos:
    • All Nanos now have Proto-Seeker-like aim-assist
    • Nano crosshair will now display a ‘lock’ message when locked on a target
    • Improved VFX for all Nanos
    • All Nanos except Constructor have had their heal values increased
    • Nano Constructor has had it’s energy consumption reduced from 1213 per shot to 1032
    • All Nanos have had their range increased by almost 3 times; matching Proto-Seeker range
    • VFX for all kinds of heal (base heal, auto heal) were changed to match the nano heal VFX


  • Shields:
    • We have removed the recharging shield mechanic from the game. All parts that previously had a shield stat have had their health values increased
    • We have taken the opportunity to re-balance Electroshields. All Electroshields with one connection point now have 2100 HP per CPU, and all multi-connection Electroshields now have 1470 HP per CPU


  • Removed the numbers displayed on the arrows on all wheels


  • Mech Legs have had their health values multiplied by 4 times


  • In order to make all modules useful in battle, they will no longer use Weapon Energy upon activation; the Ghost Module will still use Weapon Energy while active.
  • Forge costs, recycle rates and health reduced for all modules except Blink Module
  • CPU load reduction for the following Modules:


  • Blink Module cooldown increased to 60 seconds to compensate for the removal of activation cost

In order to make all weapons more useful in battle, the following balance changes have been implemented:

  • All Rails have their damage buffed by 20%
  • All Plasmas except Goliathon had their explosion radius increased to 25 meters to match the Goliathon’s blast radius
  • All Lasers except Leviathan and Disintegrator have had their accuracy increased. Bigger Lasers are still more accurate, but the difference in accuracy between
  • Leviathan and Wasp is now only 25% and not 100%
  • Tesla Slicer and Tesla Ripper have had their damage per hit increased:



  • Refined server requests in order to reduce CPU spikes
  • Fixed a visual bug which caused the wheels on other player’s Robots to glitch
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible for all players in a custom game to be on the same team
  • Fixed a bug that caused the profanity filter to enable when you relog or enter a game mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused helium to affect the centre of mass on Robots
  • Fixed a bug which caused a gap to appear above the team lists on the battle loading screen at some resolutions
  • Corrected some hovers so their actual speed matches their thumbnail value
  • Fixed a bug which disabled the Esc key if a player joined a Custom Game and queued up
  • Fixed a visual bug which failed to display a ‘0’ alongside the friends icon if a player had no friends