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CPU Power & 10 Tiers

CPU Power & 10 Tiers

CPU Power allows you to build BIGGER ROBOTS so get blasting now !

10 Tiers helps to ensure you’re fighting against Robots of a more equal ability to your Robot.

Here are some details:
– Your player now has a CPU Power limit
– Each Cube has a CPU Load
– You cannot place more cubes than your CPU Power will allow for a single Robot
– Each Robot can fill up your maximum CPU Power
– You can see the CPU Load of each Cube by hovering over it in the Inventory, Tech Tree, or Cube Depot screens
– Your CPU Power increases as you level up
– You should find you are much less limited in the size of Robots you can build
– We have removed the limit on Robot Ranking, so you can now build as powerful Robot as you like
– Robot Ranking is used to define which Tier you will be in
– Multiplayer battles group Tiers together, at the moment Tiers 1-2, 3-5 and 6-10 will play together
– Now there are up to 4 servers running at the same time.


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