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Just 1 week to go now before Megabots are finally fully functional and live! Stay tuned to our channels (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Steam) all this week for information regarding the Megabots launch.

Today, we bring you…


Yes, stock up on Megaplates, they are massively tough and massively massive.

  • TX-1 Megaplates
  • 2 Sets, both left and right versions (4 total)
  • 200 pFLOPS
  • 53,589 Shield
  • 5,359 Armor
  • 5 and 6 x Connection Points (depending on version)


  • New Friends tech, so your friends online status should now be reliable
  • New Megawheel audio FX
  • Improved Rail Cannon audio FX
  • Increased Armor on Megawheel (to higher than T10 Caterpillar Tracks)
  • Made collision detection of shots to Electroplate and large components more reliable
  • Improved load times


Known bug: Tier 9 & 10 Rails are showing incorrect damage in the tool tip.

The actual damage dealt has not been changed:

T9 = 24,620

T10 = 27,647

Known bug: If you’re suffering from a blank leader board, restart your client and it’ll be fixed.

Anyone who logs in from no on will not suffer from this issue.


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  1. sodashooter says
    16/02/2015, 03:43

    hey it would be nice if you made a helicopter part, so helicopter blades.
    also add MEGABOTS for every part in T10
    and last thing add more maps, it is getting pretty boring, with these old maps.

    • jouw_moeder says
      16/02/2015, 08:00

      i agree , these first maps were pretty funny but after playing them a lot its getting pretty boring. I am still at t5 and I don’t think it would be a lot of fun getting to T10 with only these maps 😉

  2. TheEpicMinecrafter04 says
    15/02/2015, 17:11

    SAY WHAT!!!!

  3. Slider_Baine says
    12/02/2015, 16:22

    Yea getting major FPS drop, esp when alot of players on screen, heavy fighting. so please u all know what graphic changes were made so next update pls change them back, u r killing us.
    And as far as the new railgun sounds go… it sounds like a computer generated broken spring, pls change it back, the sound is soo irritating to listen too.

    Now don’t get me wrong, we love the fact that u all are spending alot of time trying to get this game moving, but if it’s not broken… don’t fix it! (FPS)
    P.S., i dont have the connection problems, but i constantly hear people talking about it.

  4. Nero1024 says
    12/02/2015, 12:11

    With this update game lags often.. Especially when many players on the screen

  5. LapisSea says
    12/02/2015, 08:20

    No new railgun sounds are so good!

  6. PEKKAcloud says
    12/02/2015, 05:47

    Sorry but me and my brother after this update have problems with the login.
    When we click login appears the writing: Connecting To server… For ever 🙁
    Please fix.

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