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Countdown …3 …2 …1 Blast Em!

Countdown …3 …2 …1 Blast Em!

No more waiting for a lobby to fill up with opponents, matches are now more frequent than a London bus at rush hour!

– We have added a countdown timer to the Mothership HUD that tells you when the next death-match will start, the matches will launch automatically every few minutes so it is up to you if you want to join a match or not.
– The counter will start a subtle tick sound from 30 -20 seconds and a louder sound from 10 – 0 seconds, make sure you are in the lobby or you will have to wait for the next round.
– There are now 2 battle classes from tiers 1-3 and from 4-10 to give our new players more of a chance.
– This one will make you all happy, we have removed the need to wait for your robot in battle, you can tweak it and head back into battle straight away.


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  1. biulderman111 says
    02/10/2013, 15:50


  2. biulderman111 says
    02/10/2013, 15:22

    how do you get a photo on your avatar.

  3. realrobo says
    27/09/2013, 08:26

    should do it 4-7 8-10 so they stand a chance, and if there are no opponents for top tiers, then add in hard AI’s with a class of 10 or so….
    that would be really neat, and make flying planes easier too, my video i did on my F-62 (which ive seen flying around) cost 8000+ for a basic plane, which was expensive and hard to make =/

  4. wasdoes says
    26/09/2013, 14:51

    But I don’t really like the idea that my tier 4 might now be fighting tier 10

  5. robofight says
    26/09/2013, 07:18


  6. Jerrythehero123 says
    26/09/2013, 00:33

    (just saying that to break the happy chain xD)

    • biulderman111 says
      02/10/2013, 15:20

      don’t break the happy chain its like trying to break a brick or god

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