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Continental Drift by madattak

Continental Drift – Conjure up the thought of a old wooden barrel bobbing on the surface of the ocean with a few colourful fish swimming around its rotting carcass a thousand miles from land – now stop being daft, this is a serious robot fighting game 🙂

Madattak goes on a totally brutal killing spree with a new bizarre creation – now at a glance it is an odd shape for a combat Robot but don’t let that deceive you, remember the death star anyone, Continental Drift is deadly.

Mad – you 4 kill spree show off you !


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  1. ASDFMan19 says
    01/12/2013, 15:03

    lol me to

  2. billyjoejimbob1 says
    27/11/2013, 08:52

    RIP mads enemy’s

  3. robofight says
    25/11/2013, 15:48


  4. robofight says
    24/11/2013, 15:50


    work on your aimin (dont hit ya mates) 🙂

  5. Guardian Angel (Quenn1599) says
    24/11/2013, 04:33

    One does not simply kill madattak

  6. rimge112 says
    23/11/2013, 21:10

    i would kill you easily sorry for saying that ;d

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