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Connection Issues Update, AMA and More


Hi all,

This week we’ve added multiple hotfixes to Robocraft to solve the network issues which many users have reported to us since the ‘Strut Your Stuff’ update went live. The two hotfixes deployed (0.13.1689 and 0.13.1691) have helped the situation and improved things, and we’ve identified another issue that we’re aiming to fix ASAP; so things should improve further still. These issues from earlier in the week sucked for pretty much everyone, us included, as obviously we want as many people playing Robocraft as possible and you guys don’t want connection errors.

We’ve decided to release a one day free Premium code (see below) to everyone to make up for the lost game time and we’d like to apologise to players who are continuing to have issues. Rest assured, our development priority above all else is to continue work on resolving the connection issues that some players are reporting.

The code will be valid until 23:59pm (UTC+1) on August 25th – so you don’t have to use it straight away. However, with our current ArtBot Competition in full-swing, you may want to add some colour to a Rio Olympic themed robot before the competition ends on Sunday evening.


Hmm that’s an interesting code, I wonder what THAT means? 😉 – Yep clans are coming. We told you they were coming way back in May’s State of the Game and we’ll be diving into the nitty-gritty of their introduction next week.

Also we plan on holding another Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) event this coming Monday (August 15) from 3pm (UTC+1) to 5pm (UTC+1). So if you have any questions about Robocraft, be they be about clans, the new social features, crates, recycle rates, new content, bloom effects, soundtrack, how much time our Art Director spends on his hair every morning (it’s a lot), why LeftofNever is obsessed with outdoor bowling, feel free to hop on the subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/robocraft) to ask your question this Monday.

Thanks all and happy gaming!