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Coming This Week: Part 2!


We have made a number of changes to the towers themselves to improve them:

  • Made the protective umbrella of toughened space glass so you can see enemies beneath them and fliers above them
  • Increase the side of the aperture so it’s easier to bomb from above
  • Lowered the crystal cluster, so you can keep an eye on the horizon and incoming enemies whilst you are attacking the Tower
  • Changed the clasp so it’s a central core so it’s easier to shoot the crystals and to see them
  • Thinned the width of the trunk of the tower to improve visibility
  • Made the color of neutral crystals at the start of the game a glowy pink/purple (sort of halfway between blue and red)



Some major changes to how Fusion Towers work with the Overclocker:

  • 1 Tower captured = Fusion Shield active
  • 2 Towers captured = Clock Cycle Booster engaged, this multiplies the clock cycle you earn
  • 3 Towers captured = Clock Cycle Generator engaged, this starts to earn your team Passive Clock Cycles (NB: Other passive CC has been removed, so you only get it when the Generator is active)
  • 4 Towers captured = Enemy Fusion shield deactivated



  • Clock Cycles earned from Fusion Towers captured are now awarded proportional based on the Overclock Level of the players in your team (so the players that have higher OC levels will earn more)
  • Passive CC – from the generator – is still awarded evenly to all team mates regardless of OCL
  • Clock Cycles earned from ‘Defense’ has been reduced, as this was resulting in very level Overclocked players jumping 4+ Levels by killing a single high level Overclock enemy. You will still get a good boost from defence, just not as insanely extreme



This is a new mechanic designed to ensure that games that end too quickly (i.e. <5 minutes) are rare, and games that go on too long (i.e. >20 mins) are also rare. Our ‘sweet spot’ is 10-20 mins per battle, with some games ending shorter and longer but less often than they do now.


  • As it is now, your weapons will deal more damage to Crystal the more towers you own
  • But, the amount extra you get per tower starts small at the beginning of the battle and gets extremely large over 20 minutes
  • So, with 4 towers captured at the beginning of battle you still only do 110% extra damage to Crystal
  • But after 20 mins you will do 350% extra damage to Crystal, so one way or the other, the game will end
  • Which team will ‘push’ at the right time? Which team will have Overclocked enough ‘early game’ to defend an early push and go on to win?



  • This is pretty similar to the Protonivity Escalator
  • The more towers you own, the faster your team respawns
  • This reduction in spawn times is tiny in ‘early game’ and large in ‘late game’
  • So, at 15-20 mins, the team who pushes successfully will win



These changes should mean that:

  • Shooting the Tower Crystals is easier and allows you to keep an eye on the battlefield whilst you are doing it
  • Games don’t stalemate as frequently
  • Players who have well designed Robots and play well consistently will continue to outperform everyone else by Overclocking faster
  • Teams who consistently play better as a team will Overclock more, which will result in a greater chance of victory
  • Well designed Robots will earn more Clock Cycles and more consistently ensure victory for their team, earning more RP and TP
  • Tug-o-war on towers is a feature of the early game only and when mid-late game comes it’s all gonna kick off – one way or the other – will it be your team that pushes at the right time and wins?


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  1. LuisCD says
    24/05/2015, 13:33

    Bom seria muito bom se quando uma jogador entra na partida a assim que a mesma e iniciada os times formado ele ja sai. O mesmo deveria ser punido com um tempo para entra em outra partida. Na minha opinião isso iria dar uma competitividade a mais no jogo com a permanência de todos os jogadores…..

    • aycfes says
      24/05/2015, 20:42

      primeiro: leia oq voce escreveu antes de postar (sem ofenças), segundo: voce n percebeu que todo mundo aki (ou quase) esta escrevendo em ingles?

  2. HanifuElder says
    23/05/2015, 22:52

    FJ, you should consider to give a punishment to player who
    leave the game, like the othe meta do.
    maybe 10 mins can’t acces META battle (only classic
    and challenge-so this also can solve the megabot long
    wait time because the lack of player in classic)
    Leaver is guarantee give massive advantage to enemy
    and encourage the other player in that team to leave one
    after another because think the game is unbalance and
    hopeless to gain victory or simply just dump that game
    and start new game because very easy to leave and poor
    penalty punishment.

    • oscaredd says
      24/05/2015, 21:55

      I don’t think leavers should receive additional punishment other than getting less points/RP rewards. It’s true some dumb players think they are better than their team and leave. But it is also true that sometimes you leave a match because you just need to.

      I think the solution should be to replace the leaver with another player in the queue… Give to the new player the overclock level that the leaver reached. That way, the match is balanced again.

      • compvter says
        25/05/2015, 01:08

        oscaredd, thats just the thing. If you cant play ~30-40 minute game do not start one. If you might have to leave, play classic mode. You are basically ruining it for everyone when you leave in middle of the match. I am seriously getting sick of battle mode bc someone always leaves. Played 6 matches today and on each one someone left. I would say half the rp & xp for 24hours, would be sufficient punishment for starters. Lets see if that starts to keep players ingame. Should also stack so leaving two games with in 24 hours would reduce prices to 1/4th. At very least they should not be able to join robocraft garage or start game on duration of the game they left.

  3. monster541 says
    22/05/2015, 18:30

    обновление очень прикольное

  4. saonnnn says
    22/05/2015, 11:54

    Good update.

  5. illmaren says
    21/05/2015, 16:54

    this changes are big shit i tested it with an Average T10 bot and i must say this new game type is now lost to the update horror…-.- its patched to death

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