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Coming this week \ next week

Coming this week \ next week

A quick update on what the Freejam five are working on this week.

  • GALAXY CASH SALE: Buy Galaxy Cash at a low starting price releasing this week – get more cubes and help contribute to the Robocraft development
  • Garage – Bri’s working hard on this one, he’s still on course for a release next week
  • Tiered Multiplayer – We’re adding a tier meter into the HUD in the Mothership so you know what server your Robot will be taken onto, we’ll have three tiers initially and extend it as we get more users online
  • Hover Jets – probably still a couple of weeks away as Ric is taking an age to finish the art on these :), i’m sure if you give him encouragement you can get him to make the 3D models faster so we can put them in


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  1. Epic face of epicness (robofight) says
    31/08/2013, 08:56


  2. joshheartcher says
    31/08/2013, 08:46

    finish em thrusters i got like 300 tp points and ive bought EVERYTHING.

    • joshheartcher says
      31/08/2013, 08:46

      Hover Jets*

  3. joshheartcher says
    30/08/2013, 21:28

    Sooo want hover jets so i can upgrade and make my flyer thing.MORE epic!!!
    Come on ric finish em!I wanna blast Maddattack to bits.revenge will never be better.

    • joshheartcher says
      30/08/2013, 21:30

      Oh yea rememberd i turned it into a super fast car thing/speeder…Maybe i can make it fly >:D

  4. realrobo says
    29/08/2013, 13:16

    finish the hover jets! the art can be finished after they are released!

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      29/08/2013, 13:23

      If only – im looking at joining two hover jets together for ” dual uber thrust ” ATM…. it looks cool.

  5. teslobo says
    29/08/2013, 09:31


    • Shard says
      02/09/2013, 12:06

      Looking forward to garages

  6. johney9987 says
    29/08/2013, 09:28

    hover jets and tank tracks would be awsome to use!

  7. RoboCraftian1 says
    29/08/2013, 00:32

    ^ I agree with the tank tracks, would make awesome looking robots. Tracks have reduced speed ( each tier will have a certain % of power taken off it like tier 1 = 25% then the next tier would only be 20% etc.) but can drive over obstacles like rocks and tracks can take a few hits before falling off.

    • RoboCraftian1 says
      29/08/2013, 00:34

      the ^ is actually a V fyi.

  8. Macro says
    28/08/2013, 22:27

    hover jets sounds cool, lets get treads for tanks next, with better armor 🙂

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