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Coming this week! 05.07.2013

Coming this week! 05.07.2013

We wanted to update you on what’s going on at Freejam and what’s coming this week:

Play Bonus! – New feature coming this week which rewards you with a bunch of RP’s each day you visit the game. If you leave the game for a few days and come back you’ll receive the Play Bonus for the days you missed together, so as long as you play again at some point, you will always get your play bonus.  NB: This is the way we decided to implement the ‘Daily Reward’ mentioned in the website poll.

Launcher – New launcher coming this week which is designed to fix the major issue some of our users have been having. We have completed 90% of the solution now and should be releasing the new launcher tomorrow.

Our apologies again for the inconvenience caused by the launcher bug 🙁

Multiplayer News! – We’re in the countdown for multiplayer launch now, we think we may be able to release it in two weeks time if all goes well.

Other Tweaks and Fixes:

  • Reduced the prices of the RP Collector and Enemy Radar in the Depot
  • Reduced cost of Enemy Radar in the Tech Tree
  • Extended the time that the bots hang around before teleporting away when shot, so you can milk those extra RP’s
  • Added 2 new low level L1 bots called “the Ring” and “Monorail”
  • Change the teleporting, so you now teleport back to Mars somewhere near where you left it when you last went back to the Mothership
  • Extended the time between each wave of AI Bots, so you see more of the low \ mid level bots before it starts getting tough
  • Extended the time before bots with weapons start showing up to make it a bit less mean on new users
  • Fixed a bug in the Tech Tree layout where two cubes would appear unlocked in a row
  • Added a small feature to the Depot, if you hold down CTRL + click on a cube, it adds 10 x cubes at a time to the cart (same for removing from the cart)
  • Fixed some bugs in the Robomaster help system where hints would display at incorrect times
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would go screwy during the auto-repair process



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  1. 00robert00 says
    06/07/2013, 15:19

    fainely acest to the internet to chk out news and uptade teh game for when im coming back to scotlent cant wait to see it becous the game dose not let me play it ofline becous of the aout uptater thing is olways stops (ho is pying starmade i think is a bit beter right now becous is not so hard i olways get ownd by the AI with guns and turents i keep geting flipt and stuck);
    ).csn you add ofline mode to play with AI on your own or LAN and to play with friends(and privet servers)when multiplayers comes out, o and a racing mini game (were you rae with others plus one were you race and shoot eachother). have a nice day.

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