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Coming This Week – 12.07.13

Coming This Week – 12.07.13

Here’s a heads up on what the Freejam team and working on this week…

  • Bri’s adding the Battle Bonus, which awards bonus RP’s for specific things in battle when you return to the Mothership
  • Bri will implement the Kill Chain bonus which awards more RP’s for more total kills in a single battle, this will pay twice as much in multiplayer
  • Bri will implement the Noob Bonus which you’ll only see if your Robot repair bill is more than you earn in battle
  • Mark and Ric are working on changing the Tech Tree from using RP’s to TP’s (Tech Points), TP’s will be awarded for killing Robots and will appear above the pilot seat of the Robot you kill at the point of death. The amount of TP’s awarded depends on the ‘Level’ of the Robot or Player you kill
  • Seb is working on Login and Registration for the cloud and multiplayer, this week we’ll have login and registration in place so you’ll be able to create your multiplayer accounts
  • Ed is working on multiplayer – he’s aiming to have the pre-alpha launch ready for the end of this week
  • Mark’s adding more bots, including madattak’s Jet Fighter and a couple more L5 bots

MULTIPLAYER PRE-ALPHA: We’re targeting a launch of this for Monday 15th July am UK time. This is so that we can be on hand to fix any issues when it first launches to make sure the servers stay up and we can fix gameplay issues quickly in the first week.



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  1. Grinsekater says
    15/07/2013, 13:04

    *eating fingernails*

  2. Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
    12/07/2013, 17:51

    Multi-player is Monday’s release, is difficult to implement so we want to be there in the office encase anything goes wrong.

    • Ninja says
      12/07/2013, 18:11

      I knew, I was mainly wanting the kill streak update. 😀

  3. Ninja says
    12/07/2013, 16:01

    The update is today I thinkkkkk 😀 😀 😀

  4. Samo says
    11/07/2013, 14:15

    No problemo and thnx

  5. Ninja says
    11/07/2013, 01:56

    Can’t wait for multiplayer, and more specifically, hover jets. 😀 I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A HOVER CRAFTTT xD Ooo, if you can get the hover jets out sooner I’ll probably make a video of my hover craft.

  6. Huskyman06 says
    10/07/2013, 21:59

    Thanks samo and awesome idea really like roblox

  7. Samo says
    10/07/2013, 15:52

    Cool can we create our own decals like roblox or in another way

  8. Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
    10/07/2013, 15:41

    it is our intention to allow players to customise their robots using colour, however there are a lot of major features that are coming to the game soon so we are putting this particular idea on the back burner. Don’t worry we will get to it soon 🙂

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