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Changes Coming to Premium


Hey everyone, Mark here!

For those who don’t know me, I’m the Game Director for Robocraft and CEO here at Freejam. I wanted to share with you news regarding some exciting changes to our Premium offering that will be coming later this week alongside our Clan Party update (we’ll reveal more about this in the coming days).

Currently, when you buy Premium you receive the following benefits:

– Double experience points (XP) which allows you to level up twice as fast in-game
– Receive all items from a salvage crate
– Gain access to the full palette of 16 colours instead of the standard four
– Two additional Platoon/Party slots.
– Upload your own personal profile picture

These are all great but we wanted to give you guys, the ones who continue to support Robocraft’s development through the purchase of Premium, something more. So, we thought long and hard about how we could make Premium more beneficial to our players – giving them the freedom to create totally bad-ass robots.

So, we’re really excited to announce that with the release of the Clan Party update later this week, we’ll be making the following changes to Premium:

– Triple recycle rates for Premium players
– Introduction of a Premium for life option for $49.99/ £34.99 / EUR 44.99
– Removal of six month Premium option
– All 5 Party Slots are now free for everyone!

Triple Recycle Rates – A common complaint we hear is the feeling that you’re not receiving due rewards for the recycling of parts in Robocraft. Your screams and shouts of ‘the recycle rates are too low’ and ‘stop with the grind to forge x’ is testament to that. We hear you loud and clear! We also hear a lot of chatter stating that our recycle rates are 10%; when in truth they vary between 10% and 40% dependent on the class of item you’re recycling.

So, this week we will introduce triple recycle rates across all premium packages. Regardless of whether you buy one-day, one-week or one-month – you’ll receive triple the base recycle rate whilst your Premium membership is active.

As a result of rewarding our premium players with triple recycle rates and to prevent systematic abuse of the in-game economy, we will be dropping the base recycle rate for ‘Epic’ items from 40% to 25%. this is inline with rare and legendary items. In order to compensate you for the drop in the ‘Epic’ item recycle rate, we will be increasing the drop rate – so the chances of obtaining more ‘Epic’ items will increase.

Lifetime Premium added – This is something that many of you have asked for; the ability to support the development of Robocraft in a single payment. After some initial A/B testing with our new players, we’re pleased to be able to offer this to all our players, both old and new.

The Lifetime Premium package is priced the same as the six month package ($49.99/ £34.99 / EUR 44.99) and so we’ll be removing the six month package with the Clan Party update this week. What does this mean for those that have recently purchased a six month Premium package? Well, we want to ensure that those players don’t feel ripped off and so if any player who has purchased a six month Premium package within the last month contacts us via Technical Support, we’ll appropriately compensate them with Lifetime Premium.

Two additional Party slots free for everyone! This means you can create your full platoon of five members without spending any money. We know this is something many of you guys have asked for and so we’re happy to be able to fulfil that request.

Thanks for reading and a big thank you for your continued support and dedication to Robocraft.

We’ll have more information about the Clan Party update later today…

– Mark