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Bug Fixes and Server Maintenance – 0.6.791

Today’s update was a set of bug fixes and server updates designed to improve the server stability and to reduce the queue sizes on login during peak times.

– New Deamon added to improve lobby stability
– Server optimisations to improve server stability at peak times and reduce the queue times
– Made some changes to optimise Mars #3
– BUG: SMG’s fire at 360 degrees regardless of facing – FIXED
– BUG: Grey textureless rocks in Mars maps – FIXED
– BUG: Headlight on/off noise can be heard anywhere on the map – FIXED
– BUG: You can see enemies beyond the range of the SMG and Rail – FIXED


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  1. moneta94 says
    29/08/2014, 15:40

    ho disinstallato il gioco e non me lo fa più installare mi si blocca al launcher come posso fare ??

  2. moneta94 says
    29/08/2014, 15:35

    ho disinstallato il gioco ora non me lo fa più installare mi si blocca al launcher come posso fare ??

  3. JohnFernandes says
    29/08/2014, 00:17

    Eu estou com problemas de DC, varias vezes enquanto estou jogando fico tomando DC, o jogo estava travando muito também, porém este problema era no meu PC mesmo, mas ainda continuo levando DC, meus colegas também estão passando pelo mesmo problema. Alguém pode nos ajudar?

    • DaveArtJammer says
      29/08/2014, 08:39

      Please change your avatar ASAP, some users will find it offensive.

  4. rodrigoarantes says
    28/08/2014, 19:01

    legal bom

  5. TheGuywithTheHat says
    22/08/2014, 17:23
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