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Super Speeder by Bigred

Blink and you will miss the fastest Robot on Mars (currently), fortunately for the rest of us it looks like a handful to control 🙂



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  1. RoboCraftian1 says
    10/08/2013, 14:05

    Anyone else listening to the music?anyone?

  2. Endermanz says
    04/08/2013, 21:38

    Guys, he used cheat engine, therefore giving him a large amount of rps. Problem solved.

  3. derder1167 says
    02/08/2013, 05:57

    CALL 911 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE HAVE A WAY TOO FAST ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. spudymark says
    30/07/2013, 04:06

    im a fat fal lol hahahs

    • spudymark says
      04/08/2013, 21:09

      i had been hacked

  5. bigred says
    30/07/2013, 00:42

    Ok if you want to know ask me again.

  6. TheKillerROBOc0w says
    26/07/2013, 15:56

    Also, I have tried to make a bigger version of this with the thrusters i have. Unfortunately I cant get it to be stable during flight. It would always fly to the right or left randomly even tho it was perfectly balanced. Eventually i just put some wheels on it and now i have the robot that God of Gaming died from many times. :3

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