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The Big Birthday Bundle!

The Big Birthday Bundle!


As part of this week’s Robocraft 3-year anniversary celebrations, we have released a huge DLC bundle in collaboration with Yogscast to match the gargantuan size of the latest new expansion, Maximum Loadout.

This pack is available exclusively on Steam and includes 6 months’ worth of Premium membership in addition to the following robots (maximum 1515 CPU/25K Robot Rank) and components:


Viper (1)Competitive Full Carbon 6 Robot – Codename ‘VIPER’

  • 1 x Blink Module
  • 6 x Top Laser Disintegrator Carbon 6
  • 1 x Lockon Missile Launcher
  • 2 x Carbon 6 Cheetah Thruster
  • Also includes Rotors, Cockpit cosmetics and Robocraft Holoflag


Honeydew (1)Yogscast Mech Robot – Codename ‘HONEYDEW DWARFBOT MkII’

  • 1 x Disc Shield Module
  • Full Honeydew Robot Mask
  • 6 x Top Laser Vaporizer
  • 2 x Mech Leg Giant
  • Also includes Spiked Electroplating and the exclusive Yogscast Holoflag


3_Years (1)3rd Birthday Robot – Codename ‘BIG THREE’

  • 2 x Lock On Missile Launcher
  • 3 x Plasma Devastator
  • 10 x Hoverblade Tornado
  • Also includes 2 x 3rd anniversary Holoflag



The contents of this pack together are worth more than double the $29.99 USD / £22.99 GBP asking price and equate to one of the best value bundles we’ve offered in Robocraft history! Please note once purchased, the bundle will be applied to the first Robocraft account you log into whilst you are logged into Steam.

For more details about the Big Birthday bundle, please check its official Steam page linked here.

The Yogscast team will also feature Robocraft throughout the week as part of our anniversary celebrations. We’ll have updates on other birthday activities planned later in the week. Happy gaming!