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Big Battle Arena BRAWL – Coming Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, February 1st, we are changing out the current 15 v 15 Total Elimination BRAWL for a bigger Battle Arena BRAWL that we’ve imaginatively titled the “Big Battle Arena BRAWL”. We’re doubling up on team sizes to really ramp up the battle action and excitement. More players on the battlefield means more enemies to watch out for and more teammates to assist in winning the war – it’s going to be EPIC! In addition to the new BRAWL, we’re making some balance changes and rolling out some improvements to Insect Legs. All the info can be found below.

We’ll be taking the game offline at 09:00 (UTC) to update the game and we expect the maintenance to last two hours.

See you on the battlefield


  • Big Battle Arena BRAWL
    • Rules: Standard Battle Arena Rules
    • Game Mode: Battle Arena
    • Players: 20 (10 v 10)
    • Map: Gliese Lake
    • CPU Limit: 2000 CPU per robot
  • XP for Building A/B test – Our new Building XP system allows players to level up while they are building robots. As long as you’re actively building, and not just sitting in the edit mode, you’ll earn XP. We want to ensure that the feature works as expected outside of studio and so we’re going to be rolling it out to a portion of new players in what’s known as an A/B test. If all goes well with the test, we’ll roll it out to everyone. You can find out more about XP for building and the A/B test by reading our recent Dev Jam.


  • All Nano projectile ranges increased by 10%
  • Nano Mender energy consumption reduced by 20%
  • Nano Constructor energy consumption reduced by 20%
  • All Tesla weapons base health increased by 12.5%
  • Gyro Mortar base health reduced by 12.5%
  • Sprinter Leg base speed reduced from 180 mph to 170 mph
  • Thruster Lynx Force increased by 10%
  • Thruster Panther Force increased by 10%


  • Improvements to Insect Legs – We have made changes to Insect Leg parts that make them a lot more stable. They now flip less frequently and work smoothly with copters and flyers. There was an issue before where an insect would flip out of control if it had rotors attached and it tried to land on the ground. This has now been fixed in such a way where the insect leg mechanic does not take effect until the legs are touching the ground (before they would take effect a short distance off the ground).*

*note: If this doesn’t make sense when reading, blame Josh, he wrote the explanation. ¯\(ツ)/¯