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Comment on UNLEASHED HOTFIX #1 – 0.9.1051 – HOVER FIX, BUG FIXES I can't comment on whether drift will be a thing or not, but just a bit of personal advice from…
Comment on MINOR UPDATE – 0.9.1042 – EP CHANGES, HELIUUUUUUUM Oh! Totally forgot to include the helium CPU drop in the patch notes. Doing it now!
Comment on Strike Now! Bumped it up to 3 days :)
Comment on . . . It's cheese. This is a trailer for a new Freejam-backed brand of cheese.
Comment on E14 Needs You! Happy birthday MatrixRay :D
Comment on Xmas Gift from Freejam Extra points for style.
Comment on Merry Christmas from Freejam Evet, ama ingiltere'de dogdum ve yaşadım için Türkçem biraz bozuk. Konuşmak kolay ama yazmak zor.
Comment on Merry Christmas from Freejam Get an icon before I set you on fire give you a great big hug Dan
Comment on Merry Christmas from Freejam "why does Michele like your girlfriend?! (Don’t take it seriously)" hahahahahhahah! :D It didn't occur to me that…