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Armor Double Buff!

Armor Double Buff!

The team at Freejam have decided to make a few final tweaks to armor along with a few additional tweaks based on feedback received from the users.

Release version 0.6.308.

The update today represents the final set of balance changes we will make before the release of new features:

  • Armor difference between each armor has been double buffed (so an additional buff since the changes made Saturday)
  • Armor values have been updated in the descriptions in the Cube Depot
  • The damage of Top Mount Laser Cannons has not changed since Friday’s update, the descriptions in the Cube Depot have been updated to match the damage values stored in Robocloud
  • Range variation across the Lasers from L1 to L5S have been re-introduced, with the L5S Front Mount Laser Cannon range staying as it was at 55m
  • Top Mount Laser Cannons now have 4% less range than the Front Mounts, but do 4% more damage
  • All range and damage values have been updated in the descriptions
  • Enemy Radar range has been updated in the description to match the actual range values stored in Robocloud (NB: The ranges themselves have not changed)
  • Fixed a bug causing the new Battle Queue system to lock up preventing users entering battle
  • Collision box of the L1 and L1S Thruster has been reverted to 1x1x1 cube to allow for more flexibility when building fliers etc.
  • Armor of low level Thrusters has been reduced significantly to reduce the effectiveness of using L1 Thruster as armor (NB: L5S Thruster armor has not been reduced)

Freejam will now focus on the release of Platoons with a target release for the end of this week. Please note that a release of Platoons is not garaunteed for this week as we won’t release the feature until we are happy it is working as desired, but it will be next.

After the release of Platoons we will focus on release a set of amazing optimizations that are designed to remove lag during shooting for users suffering this problem and allow the increase of the number of Robots in battle to 15 per team (including T10).


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  1. Mister_Smile_God says
    17/02/2014, 13:15

    бляха муха я не могу войтиииииииииии

  2. crafterin says
    11/02/2014, 18:13

    я не могу зайти пишет дас ехит ето што?

  3. HorusMod says
    11/02/2014, 10:39

    Great work 🙂

  4. eLp4y4z0r says
    11/02/2014, 05:56

    Thank you So Much Freejam For Keeping on Top of Things and Listening to right Crowd that Plays a LOT your Game … Thank you and i Love you For EVER !!!! WILL KEEP SUPPORTING BUYING GC !!! You Guys are The Best … THANK YOU !!!

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      11/02/2014, 09:54

      Thankyou very much – group hug 🙂

  5. GoodLookenGeek says
    11/02/2014, 00:58

    Too much buffing.

  6. ChickenStealer says
    10/02/2014, 22:11

    YEASSS, finally rolled back part of the changes!!! WOOHOO

  7. Mobile_Sword says
    10/02/2014, 19:12

    updating now…. xD *wrings hands in excitement*

  8. lwardogl says
    10/02/2014, 18:45

    I LOVE this update i feel strong again and it also does not take super long to kill someone :3

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