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Aerofoils Update – Out Now!



We’ve taken flight and have headed skywards at supersonic speeds with our Aerofoils Update. In this, our latest update, we’ve given the Wings and Rudders movement parts some much needed-love and have completely re-worked them. We’ve also removed the global speed cap on all movement parts and added a new Speed Boost system which allows your robots to travel faster than ever before!

Read the full patch notes for a full breakdown of what’s in this update


UPDATE: 10:45am (UTC+1) 28/07/2017

We’re aware that some players using the Robocraft Launcher are currently unable to update their game; if you are affected by this, please follow these instructions:

In order to fix this issue you must locate Robocraft’s game files and delete the files launcher.version and client.version, “client.version” will be in the “Client” folder. The files are normally found in C -> Games -> Robocraft

Once done you must launch Robocraft, there may be an error the first time you do this, if so just relaunch. Robocraft will then update to the correct version.

If you continue to have issues please contact our support team for further investigation: https://freejam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new