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GAMEPLAY IMPROVEMENTS: Updates to network connectivity code that we hope will reduce player disconnections Improvements to the in-game camera environment handling and view distance BUG FIXES: Fixed a bug which caused some Mac player’s games to crash when using certain resolutions Fixed a bug which was preventing some players from reconnecting to games Read On


GAMEPLAY CHANGES: Update 16:20 (BST) Play vs AI + Team Deathmatch modes РReduced the number of kills required to win from 25 to 15 Battle Arena + League Arena modes РReduced the game time from 13 minutes to 11 Platoon size difference is no longer factored in Battle Arena and Team Deathmatch modes Improvements to matchmaking banding to further reduce queue times Player level banding i... Read On

Save 25% on Robocraft Steam DLC

Save 25% on Robocraft Steam DLC

Deep Discounts on DLC in the Steam Summer Sale Fancy saving some dosh on a selection of Robocraft DLC including Lifetime Premium? Well, from now until July 5th, you can save 25% on selected Robocraft DLC when purchasing it through Steam. You can choose from either the high-octane Speed Bundle with its vehicle-themed cosmetic parts plus 500 Cosmetic Credits and 7 days premium, the high-flying High ... Read On

Tech Tree Update Hotfix #2 – 1.7.2529

BALANCE CHANGES: Plasma projectile speed increased from 96 to 144 Healing score reduced slightly BUG FIXES: Plasma tooltip energy consumption corrected Players who have unlocked everything on the Tech Tree will no longer see the Tech Point awarded animation when leveling up Players with Lifetime Premium will no longer see the ‘buy premium’ button on the battle summary screen Fixed a bu... Read On

Tech Tree Update – Out Now!

Tech Tree Update – Out Now!

Today, June 19th 2018, we released Phase 2 in our series of planned updates to add new content and progression into Robocraft, and remove all loot crates from the game. This major update sees the welcome return of the Tech Tree to Robocraft, a new battle rewards system, improved Robot Factory, and the removal of ALL crates from the game. Alongside these big changes to your favourite Robot building... Read On


NEW: Tech Tree – a new progression path for players in Robocraft. Unlocking parts with Tech Points, earned through levelling up, grants players access to parts that can then be forged and placed on Robots. For more information on the Tech Tree, read our FAQ. Tech Points – Tech Points are used to unlock parts on the Tech Tree. Players will receive 1x Tech Point for each level up to and ... Read On

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