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Dev Jam – Let’s Talk About Tiers

Dev Jam – Let’s Talk About Tiers

Hey there Robocrafters, As you’ll know, if you read last week’s Dev Jam, we’re keen to share with you with more frequently what it is we’re working on in Robocraft. Last week we released a Dev Jam explaining how we’re planning to upgrade the Steam version to Robocraft Infinity. If you didn’t catch that one, you can read about it here. With the Tech Tree now live in Robocraf... Read On


In this small update, we’ve making a few improvements to how XP is earned in Robocraft. Earn XP in build mode – In order to reward those players who prefer to spend time building robots rather than battling, players will now earn XP when they build their own robots. The Building XP system simply allows players to level up while they are in build mode, generating an amount of level expe... Read On

Dev Jam – The Big Free Infinity Upgrade

Dev Jam – The Big Free Infinity Upgrade

Hey there Robocrafters, It’s been a while since we’ve done a Dev Jam and a few of you out there in our community have asked us to do more of them so you’ve a greater insight into what’s going on here in terms of Robocraft’s on-going development. We really want you to join us on the development journey and so we’re going to try to do Dev Jam blogs more frequently... Read On


BALANCE CHANGES: Based on player feedback, we’ve greatly improved the level progression for new players from level 1 through to level 375 Read On


In this hotfix we’ve added a new feature that will reward players with a number of pre-forged parts when they unlock them on the Tech Tree. The table below is a breakdown of what a player will receive when they unlock a part on the Tech Tree. This will allow players to start building cool Robots without the need to forge a part first. The number of parts awarded to a player will depend on th... Read On


BALANCE CHANGES: As in TDM and Battle Arena game modes, we’ve introduced level banding in League Arena mode. The banding has been added to ensure better matchmaking and improved gameplay experience across all player levels. We’ve lowered the XP required for level 1 players to earn their first Tech Point taking them up to level 2 Update (04/07/18): We’ve increased the speed at whi... Read On

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