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5th Birthday Update –


  • Body Builder Artbot competition winners added to the game – The following robot bodies have Been added:
    • Mantis by WurmpleWarrior
    • Scientist by Cipher7
    • Submarine by Sarr_Cat
    • Train by SaveTheWhales
    • Breacher by Cipher7
  • Special 5th birthday celebration flag – To celebrate Robocraft’s fifth birthday on March 7th 2018, we added a special flag to the game. The flag can only be obtained by redeeming a special promo code that will be announced by Freejam.
  • Updated login screen to promote the League Arena Competition.


  • ION Distorter single gun fire rate now 1 per second


  • Game Battle Timer now set to 13 minutes in Battle Arena and League Arena game modes
  • Tweaked MMR banding for players at higher levels when playing League Arena Mode – players will be more closely matched in battle. Please note that this may increase queue times for battle.
  • Updated EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) – Please note that this requires Linux users to update their OS to Ubuntu 16.04 as a minimum