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2x Super Charged

2x Super Charged

An update today bringing you an extra 20% FPS performance with a super-super charged engine along with a bunch of additional small bug fixes and improvements.

Version number 0.6.321. The CDN may take several hours to update at all world locations.


  • Game engine performance (i.e. average fps) boosted by around 20%
  • More Robots in battle, 10 per team at T10, 12 per team at T1
  • Reduced the RP cost of armor by 5-10% across the range
  • Improved the look of the Nation Flag Badges so they are more visible
  • Improved the look of the destruction special effects
  • We now support Galaxy Cash payments via Bitcoin via SuperRewards

NB: A special thank you to the 300 users so far who have purchased a Nation Flag, to the 15 users who purchased Dev Supporter badges, and to the 1 user who purchased the Gold Dev Supporter badge. it all helps to support the development


  • Fixed some issues with the accuracy of the collision of your Robot, especially after taking damage
  • Fixed a bug where the cubes that fly off your Robot during destruction sometimes look bright orange
  • Temporarily disabled lens flares on headlamps as was causing a significant performance decrease
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to get a broken Platoon system and a blank Platoon screen
  • Improved the collision underneath bases making it harder to get into the crater under the base plate
  • Improved the collision of the Ice Lake on the Ice Planet to make it harder to get popped underneath the surface
  • Fixed the misspelling of Kazakhstan in the Cube Depot (that was my fault, sorry)
  • Fixed the upside down German flag (that was Ric’s fault, he says sorry too)


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  1. mudman says
    10/03/2014, 05:12

    Can you do an Australian flag pleas

  2. jumpylink02 says
    05/03/2014, 22:23


  3. TheChosen1 says
    05/03/2014, 20:08

    Plz could u add a second form of payment for certain flags/badges or at least add new decals or some way of customizing ur bot for RP because the game is free to play and I dont want to play it using money. So could this be a possibility for the future, having some sort of free customizing for ur bot (decals, flags, markings) ..etc..

  4. kostya6541k says
    04/03/2014, 14:37

    I chat does not work

  5. uhbif200 says
    04/03/2014, 13:34

    Ни аден англечонен нэ паймьот чта сдес напысано.
    Жал, што йа тожы нэ понел што напысано ф нофасти.

  6. syrok says
    03/03/2014, 11:08

    пацаны ваще ребята

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