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Xmas Artbot contest – 2017 – The Results!


The Christmas Artbot competition results are like your favorite present mixed with modern art and they have finally arrived! To celebrate our annual Christmas Craft update we tasked you with creating some festive Christmas-themed Robots. There were so many amazing submissions this year, creations which made picking the winners for this competition particularly hard. But pick winners we did! Below you’ll find our top three from each category, one of which has the honor of being the winner for that category.

Just click the name or image of any robot for a 360 view (care of YouTube) or you can find a playlist with all the considered robots here. The overall competition winner will be decided over the break and will be revealed in the New Year. More details at the end of this page.

Category 1 – Santa’s other ride

For this category we wanted you to let us know what happens when Santa’s sleigh breaks down, this was really popular and we got loads of entries, these were my favourites.

DB18 Santa’sSkateTeam (RoboAratt)


Our first runner up paints Santa as a extreme sports enthusiast and an all around chill guy. The fun and silliness of this robot really impressed me, what a great idea!

DB18 UPR for the clan (sudigum123)


This was the first entry I saw and I instantly fell in love with it. When giant Santa needs a ride he saddles an airplane. sudigum123 sure is dedicated to his clan, well done!

Db18 Red Nose Balloon (Seraphisto)


Our winner for this category was an office favourite. I love everything from the flames in the burner to the idea of presents raining down from the sky on Christmas day!

Category 2 – Christmas Elves

In category 2 the elves get their turn at the spotlight!

Db18 Dapper Elf (BraveSirRobert)


Looks at those pretty blue eyes, how can anybody resist? (I told you I’d award bonuses for the eyes). In all seriousness BraveSirRobot entered a huge amount of robots for this competition and really deserves his place here.

Elves and their toys (Octavia63)


I love the simplistic design and the idea of this robot. These Christmas elves are doing what they do best, building toys! Great idea and great execution.

DB18 Cray the Elve (Eliminator_3.7)


Little did I know that Cray is giving Santa a hand this year, but between you and me, I’ve never seen Cray get out of his chair so I’m not sure how he’ll be helping! I’ll be honest, my old pal Cray always has a place in my heart, so that, and a fantastic and well built idea made this robot the winner of this category.

Category 3 – Santa Claus / Mrs Santa Claus

A classic category, however when I was judging these I was looking for something that stood out!

DB18 Jack (Krog0th)


Jack Skellington is a my type of Santa, what more can I say? Well done KrOg0th, great job!

Db18 Bombardier Santa (Sarr_cat)


I know I said I was looking for something different here however I’m just so impressed with this build, there is a lot of character here and I love how Sarr_Cat has somehow made Santa’s beard look so fluffy!

NYA-Sled (Swiffer18)


Rudolf the rednosed Nya-cat had a very shiny nose, and if you ever saw it you would even say it meows. Also reindeer santa, so cute, and so the winner of this category!

Category 4 – Alternative Holiday celebrations

An open theme, when judging these I wanted to see evidence of how you celebrate this time of year.

DB18 Wreath of Wrath (FrozentopHat)


You know the lyrics, “You better watch out, you better not cry”? Well now you know why! The Wreath is as beautiful as it is deadly. On a side note Frozentophat is a aspiring creator, so go show him some love on his Twitch channel – https://www.twitch.tv/frozentophat

DB18 Christmas sauna (haikkumees)


The first artbot to teach me something in a while.  “Finland Christmas tradition, everybody goes into the sauna, smashes their own or their friends neck with birch branches and throw lot of water in the coals (named “kiuas” in finland)”. Sounds like my kinda Christmas!

DB18 Xmas Kanade T (SpaceCam)


In a recent discord conversation I was asked if anime counts as an alternative way to celebrate the holidays and I let them know that’s how I was planning to celebrate! I love the detail of this robot and the effort it must have taken to create those gorgeous wings! Also because of this robot I’ve looked up ‘Angel Beats!’ and I’ve added it to my watch list! Great job and congratulations on being the winner of Category 4!

Category 5 – Christmas Animals

Guidance for this category was super simple – Show me cute or awesome animals dressed link Santa/Reindeer!!!!!

DB18 Flocon De Neige (Solario34)


Flocon De Neige translates to Snowflake in French. I don’t know why that’s important or what it mean for this robot. All I know is if it’s not Santa or Jack Skellington delivering my present I want this awesome Christmas Dinosaur doing it!

DB18 leaping polarbear (jarroh)


I can tell a lot of time and effort went into this vignette, have you thought of a career in wildlife photography?

DB18 Jumping Spider (WurmpleWarrior)


The winner of this category is the world’s second cutest spider. I know many of us hate Spiders but surely we can give Christmas Spiders a chance, he has presents!


As it’s Christmas all winners and runners up will receive 1 week of premium or 25 crates if you have Lifetime Premium. The winners of each category will also receive a Bubble Blower each.

Overall Winner

This is where we’re doing things a little different this time. We want You to decide the overall winner from the Robots above. Head over to Youtube, take a look at your favorites and leave a like for one(s) you think should win. The Robot with the most likes in 2 weeks wins, simple. (Prize TBD)

B-B-Bonus Round!

DB18 Mr Santa Senior

db18-mr-santa-seniorOld man Clause, the grouchy caretaker of the north-pole and his trusty sidekick/seeing-eye reindeer, Sanders(probably). This ticks all the boxes for me and would have been a contender for category 3 if I hadn’t realised halfway through writing this sentence that ELIMINATOR_3.7 had already won cat 2!