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The Return Of The Mega Update – Coming Tomorrow



This week, we’re travelling back to the future and bringing back some old friends – Megabots!
We listened to you guys and we’re bring them back in a bigger, better and ultimately more free-er way than before. From tomorrow, June 29th, you’ll be able to build MEGA Robots up to 10,000 CPU and take them into Custom Games as well as Play vs AI mode. Megabots* will be free for all players, a premium membership is not required to enjoy them.

In addition to the awesomeness that is Megabots, we’ll be making a number of other improvements including some changes to searching the CRF and fixing a stack of bugs too. To find out what’s in the update, check out the patch notes below.


  • Megabots added to both Custom Games and Play vs AI modes
    • FREE to all players
    • Highest CPU is now 10,000
    • Any Robot over 2,000 CPU is flagged as a Megabot on the edit bay floor


  • Megabots can only be played in Custom Games or Play vs AI modes
  • Weapon Energy doesn’t change building beyond 2,000 CPU
  • Megabots in garage bay slots are highlighted with a red flag


  • Megabots can be uploaded and downloaded to/from the CRF
  • New CPU filter added to the CRF to accommodate Robots 2k – 10k CPU
  • New Custom Games sliders:
    • Health Multiplier – set down to 10% or up to 500% Health multiplier for all Robots in battle
    • Weapon Energy Multiplier – set down to 10% or up to 500% Weapon Energy multiplier for all Robots in battle
  • If any player in a Custom Game clicks on their player avatar on any screen, they can chose to leave the Custom Game


  • Improvements to the CRF with added search/sorting filters
    • Sort CRF results for specific parts or Robots with no movement or weapon parts
    • Sorting by cost
    • “Any weapon” now rejects robots with no cubes from “weapon” inventory category
    • “Any movement” now rejects robots with no cubes from “movement” inventory category
    • Helium removed from CRF movement filter
    • Thrusters added to the CRF movement filter
    • Removed the hover over info pane from the CRF
  • Play Screen updated to lock-out game modes if player has a Megabot selected


  • Improved Nano VFX and SFX as a direct result of player feedback


  • Improvements to team buff UI
  • Visual improvements to the drag-and-drop of players in Custom Games
  • Added missing SFX to some Custom Games actions/events


To make the Nano projectiles look more like a beam, we increased their fire rate to 20 shots per second and proportionally reduced their energy consumption and heal per hit. The overall heal per second should remain the same



  • Fixed Pit Mode to work with Tharsis Rift Map
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused some module icons in the loadout to repeatedly flick between small and expanded circles when being used
  • Fixed a typo on the Hellion Crater name in the Custom Games map list
  • Reverted zero mass change for Helium Cube because it was causing unexpected issues
  • Fixed a bug which caused the party widget to appear on the crate screen when returning from a match
  • Fixed a bug which allowed a custom game leader to interact with the party widget while in the queue for battle
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Custom Games damage slider to be in the incorrect position to some players when they returned from a Custom Game
  • Fixed a bug which caused the wrong score to be displayed under player names in the Pit
  • Fixed a bug that caused the + button in Custom Games to sometimes fail when switching between Pit and another mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused the in-game camera to be off-centre when using the Blink module in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug which caused the active garage bay to zoom in/out when using the scroll wheel anywhere on the screen (including chat)
  • Changes to Custom Games invalid invites to ensure consistency with party invites
  • Fixed a bug which caused the mouse icon to appear as a hand when in the CRF
  • Fixed a bug which caused early leaver penalties to carry over into Custom Games
  • Fixed a bug which permitted Custom Games party members to interact with the party widget
  • Fixed a bug which allowed party invitees to interact with the party widget
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from using the scroll wheel in Custom Games chat unless they were hovering over the scrollbar
  • Fixed a bug in the Pit which caused players to spawn in and around the same area as everyone else
  • Fixed an audio bug which caused the wheels engine sound to continue playing when a player loaded back to the mothership
  • Custom Games sliders and checkboxes are now greyed out for players joining a custom game
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the pending clan invite “!” from disappearing if an invite has been accepted/rejected


  • Excessive use of flags on a Megabot will result in severe game lag for the player using the Megabot
  • Setting the Weapon Energy Multiplier in Custom Games to 10% may cause some weapons to not fire. This is caused by a player having less weapon energy available than what is required for a weapon to fire

*With Megabots in Custom Games we wanted to give you the freedom to have maximum Megabot craziness without restrictions. However, depending on your PC’s power/spec, pushing things to the max such as a 5v5 10k Megabot Battle Arena fight may result in some lag.