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UFO Giveaway [Updated]


Do you like free robots? Of course you do, that’s why we’ve partnered up with Alienware to produce a special hover robot modeled after the premium PC manufacturer’s signature mascot. Something we like to call the ‘Alienware UFO’.

All you need to do to get the lovely robot featured above is visit AlienwareArena.com, create an account or log-into an existing account, find the Robocraft bundle here and click ‘Get Key’.

Everyone who gets a key will be granted one day’s additional Premium, the Alienware UFO and all its components. The key will also jump your in-game player level to 88, but this rating purely governs what cubes you have available to you in-game. It doesn’t affect matchmaking.

A full list of the robot’s hardware, specifications and technical ship shots are below:

– 4 Alienware Masks
– 1 Speedometer
– 1 Headlamp
– 8 Tempest Hoverblades
– 7 Plasma Ravager weapons
– 8 Electroplates
– 1 Enemy Radar

– CPU: 1377 pFLOPS
– Robot Ranking: 16k

AlienwareUFOWe’re only giving away a limited number of these Alienware UFOs, so be sure to swoop in and grab yours as quickly as you can.

We’re also pleased to announce that after extensive testing of Robocraft on an assortment of Alienware hardware, we can now sport the lovely ‘Plays Best on Alienware’ logo on our homepage. Good news all round then really, now go grab that robot!

Update // Due to demand being exceptionally high for this free bot bundle, we’ve given Alienware Arena more keys to distribute throughout the weekend in batches of 10,000. We’d also like to thank players for their patience in seeking out the Alienware UFO robot.

If you’re having problems registering for a key on Alienware’s giveaway page, please try again later in the day.