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10th in 3 days on Steam Greenlight

A HUUUUGGGGEEEE tank you for all of the support from the Robocraft fraternity. Robocraft has been on Steam Greenlight just 3 days and has reached 10th of 1,646 games on Greenlight. Judging by the graph we’re also tracking for no. 1.

We really didn’t expect to do so well so quickly on Steam. It’s blown our socks off – and Ric’s complaining about having cold feet now 🙂

Robocraft reaches 1-th Place on Steam Greenlight in just 3 days.


On a side note, a few details on how we aim to be on Steam:

  • Steam users will not have to pay up front to play
  • We do not want the game to be exclusive to Steam, we just want Steam users to be able to use Steam if they wish
  • If we are on Steam, we won’t change, we’ll be the same Freejam you love (or hate!) – accept we’ll have colder feet 🙂


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  1. Akhor says
    20/03/2014, 17:01

    This game brought so much new into MMOA genre that your success was inevitable 🙂
    PS я джва года хотел такую игру 😀

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