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We are very excited to launch our first 100% Charity Robot and 100% Charity Robot Mask in association with the awesome guys at the Yogscast.


This 100% Charity Dwarfbot immortalises @SimonHoneydew in Robocraft and brings with it some exclusive new cosmetic content in the Dwarfplate and Dwarf Spike, only available via this Robot.

 The Honeydew Mask is also available seperatly via the Cube Depot Cosmetics section.

100% of the received proceeds from both the Robot and the Mask (i.e. after sales tax, platform fees and transaction fees) will be given to charities supported by Freejam and The Yogscast.


50% of the money will go to this charity supported by Freejam:

– Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) – http://www.msf.org.uk/

(who are leading the fight against Ebola in African countries)


The other 50% of the money will go to the charities supported by The Yogscast:

– Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) – http://www.msf.org.uk/

(The Yogscast also supports this charity)

– Special Effect – http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/

(Helping people with disabilities enjoy Video Games)

– End Polio – http://www.endpolio.org

(Working to end the existence of Polio)

– Flora & Fauna International – http://www.fauna-flora.org/

(Conserving threatened species and ecosystems worldwide)


Alongside this launch, a promo code:


This Robot will be available until our next major launch which is around 1 week away. We will update on the results of the sales of the Robot and Mask as soon as we’ve summed up the total sales at the end of the period.


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  1. rikoitza says
    04/12/2014, 21:42

    What does the promo code do?

    • nugpug says
      05/12/2014, 01:40

      Gives you free premium

  2. dunnymoney says
    04/12/2014, 20:52

    i just brought another now i have 2. this is a great bot and i like the idea that u have to pay for the spikes and electro shields and blocks… ty

    • Albino1 says
      07/12/2014, 03:25

      wonder why you never see this robot?

  3. Redkardus says
    03/12/2014, 18:43

    This is the first Robot I’ve purchased, and I must say I’m very happy with this idea. Although I have to say that with a purchase price of only about $10, I almost wanted to buy a second just to send more money to the charity. I might recommend that the next time you do this, a second, higher tier, more expensive robot is also up for purchase for the people that want to spend a bit more money to help support the charity, in addition to having a cheaper, lower tier robot.

    That said I have not regretted my purchase. The T4 HONEYDWARF, though not the best of builds in my opinion, is fun to play around with and gives me something to show off. ^^

    Also, please change how the game sensors language. I’ve played a game or two with other T4 HONEYDWARF

    • Redkardus says
      03/12/2014, 18:46

      -bots and their names came up as, “T4 NEYDWARF” Also I had to change the spelling of another of my robots, the “Muffin Button” when I found the name showing up on other player’s screens was “in on”. Please work on this.

      (Sorry for the split post; I submitted it early by accident.)

    • ShockHerman says
      06/12/2014, 23:09

      In the options you can turn off the filter for profanity if it is troubling you that much.

  4. SuperLime00 says
    03/12/2014, 15:20

    how long is code avalible?

  5. will0219 says
    03/12/2014, 12:47

    Robot is simaller as footballbot;; Its just my opinin that I want a new design like starwars(?)

  6. starlight2098 says
    03/12/2014, 07:35

    DwarfFreejamRobot, the Robot of Freejam, it is masterfully crafted out of robot. On the robot is an inscription of the event commemorating the charity of Freejam. On the robot is an image of a Dwarf. The Dwarf menaces with spikes of iron.

    Watch out for pikes. ^.^

    • Drognin says
      04/12/2014, 14:46


  7. Golemnoid says
    03/12/2014, 07:20

    hey Mark I still cant login it still says that the file cannot be installed

    • Rafa1234 says
      03/12/2014, 19:01

      That happend to me is well you just have to put primition of a pc user

  8. RiseOfTheLionDavi says
    02/12/2014, 23:03

    How to write colorful ? find out!
    TheLion Davi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXYAB9seoEw&list=UU7FA2f48HyHsp7Cv7cPh9rw

    • Albino1 says
      07/12/2014, 04:42

      dude, we all know how to [1123456]LLOL

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