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Vote for Robocraft – Indie DB Indie of the Year

Vote for Robocraft – Indie DB Indie of the Year

IndieDB is running a user-vote driven “Indie of the Year” award.
If you’ve enjoyed Robocraft, please click the link below to go to our page, then vote for us.

With some massive indie names in the competition, we’re not hoping for much.

But if we were to at least make it into the top-100 list, it would make our year 🙂

2014 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB


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  1. spacefleet says
    10/12/2014, 19:39

    I would vote for Robocraft but making a acount doesn’t work for me

  2. friends209 says
    10/12/2014, 09:47

    I voted for u guys I have fun playing with my friends in robocraft!!!! Keep up the great work

  3. HunterK13 says
    09/12/2014, 02:43

    Robocraft is ranked #7 of 21,345 in popularity at the time of this post, so I’d say it has a pretty good chance of making top 100

    • adi2106 says
      09/12/2014, 09:49

      nope #6

      • HunterK13 says
        10/12/2014, 00:03

        #4 now :P. Another promising stat: the most popular genre is Tactical Shooter, and Robocraft is higher ranked than any other tactical shooter game.

  4. Blaze212 says
    08/12/2014, 13:20

    I voted. this is the best game ive played in a very long time. Keep up the good work everyone. I appreciate everything ou do.

  5. Novanator says
    08/12/2014, 03:12

    I firmly believe that you guys deserve my vote as you are a great dev team for being only 10 or so in numbers. I would definitely like to see another map coming up. Something that I suppose you guys realize already is that the render disance needs to be catastrophicley increased, I can see how that may not be possible as the Engine may not be able to support it but, that should be increased as much as possible. I would love to see where you guys bring this game next, all in all great job, look forward to the future.

    • benq994 says
      08/12/2014, 11:11

      Im sure that engine can support it. those ships you can see outside mothership window are rendered and they (belive or not) are 3d objects. Also Mars in the background is 3d object 🙂
      So draw distance could be increased a little bit.

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