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Vote for Robocraft – IndieDB 2016 Indie of the Year Awards

indie_db_vote-headerUPDATE: Thanks to your support, and more importantly, your vote, we’ve made it onto the ‘Top 100’ longlist for the IndieDB Indie of the Year award. Huzzah!

The journey doesn’t end there though as now the real work begins – getting us to the top of the proverbial ‘Indie Game of the Year’ tree. This is a new round of voting and so if you’ve voted before, you will need to vote again.

If you feel we’re deserved of such a title, then please cast your vote by clicking on the link below before voting closes. You’ll find Robocraft in the ‘Tactical Shooter’ category in Released Games.


If we’ve not been your favourite game, that’s cool; there are some other great games on top 100 list too.

If you want to vote, please click on the link below to jump to the top 100 voting page.

2016 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

It’s also worth noting that everyone who votes has a chance to win some game keys (picked at random) thanks to the nice folk over at IndieDb.

ORIGINAL STORY: As the team are working hard on putting the final flourishes to this week’s mahoosive Localisation Update, we thought we’d tell you about Indie DB’s Indie of the Year award and how you can get involved.

Now in it’s 7th year, the Indie of the Year Awards are a celebration of the year’s finest indie games chosen by you and the peeps over at IndieDB.com. We’re not strangers to the Indie DB awards, having nabbed the prestigious Player’s Choice Indie of the Year award back in 2014.

The question is, are we still your favorite Indie Game? We know the game has changed a lot these past two years, and for many of you, Robocraft isn’t the same game anymore. And you’re right! It isn’t; it’s grown, it’s changed, it’s bigger, better and more bad-ass than it ever was.

If Robocraft is still your favorite indie game and you’d like to show your appreciation for all the hard work and commitment from the team here at Freejam, then cast your vote below. If you don’t think we’re deserving of such an accolade, that’s fine too, we understand and we recommend that you don’t click on the link below.

If you’re a regular viewer of our Robostreams, you’ll know that we’ve an exciting road-map for 2017 full of content and features; we hope you’ll stick around as 2017 will be a ‘blast’!

If you want to vote, please click on the link below to jump to our IndieDB page and cast your vote.

2016 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB