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The Daily Robot – Issue #1

Words are a weapon of war
Do not be tricked by the enemy!
Welcome to the Daily Robot


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  1. qwert3425 says
    26/08/2015, 17:16

    They Actually mentions Cluly’s name XD

  2. marsoff says
    25/08/2015, 13:30

    вам баранам новости бы в текстовом варианте делать а не в виде рисунков, идиоты. игра умирает и скоро сдуется перед Crossout, а вы все фигней занимаетесь.

    • CabineBrake says
      25/08/2015, 13:56

      you Russian guy, get some FineReader trial and translate, whats your problems ?

      • xXAceOfRobotsXx says
        25/08/2015, 18:24

        How dare he speak Russian..

    • TwiceAHuman says
      25/08/2015, 19:50

      He is weak! He is bleeder!

    • SpawnpointGaming says
      26/08/2015, 06:13


      • WetCat says
        26/08/2015, 16:16

        marsoff said that developers must do news not like pictures…
        Also he said that Robocraft is dying, and that Crossout is better…
        And he said that y’all are stupid (i don’t think so)

  3. SpawnpointGaming says
    25/08/2015, 12:43

    I think FJ just deleted my messages

    • SpawnpointGaming says
      25/08/2015, 12:44

      lol whatever I hope they have seen my messages and are fixing the problem

  4. Wauzirex says
    25/08/2015, 09:59

    were is the new patch or the new news (i guess more news instead of patch release)

  5. matejpeteranec says
    25/08/2015, 09:39

    o man freejam we are on bad place we like robocraft hardcore players we well not gyw up from you and we well stay here to the end that is my promise

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