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Thanksgiving 2016: 25% Discounts, Presents and Double XP


Today, our American chums celebrate Thanksgiving; a time for turkey dinners and giving thanks for the harvest. For the rest of us it’s a time for frantically looking for a cut-price toaster that we don’t need in the annual Black Friday bargain hunt. While we can’t offer you a 4-slice toaster with re-heat function at a knockdown price, we CAN offer you DOUBLE XP, presents for everyone and 25% off Premium membership and Protonium crate bundles from the in-game store! We’ve got robo-bargains in abundance.

Double XP Weekend

We’re super-stoked to announce that from Thursday November 24th at 12:00 (UTC) through to Tuesday November 29th at 10:00 (UTC) everyone playing Robocraft will receive double XP for their battle efforts! This means everyone will level up faster and receive level-up protonium crates quicker. This also means that Clans will receive even more Robits at the end of the current Clan Season. This weekend is an ideal opportunity to grab a stack of Robits at the end of the month – maybe it’s time to join a clan? If you’re a Premium player your double XP will be doubled again!! That’s a whole lotta XP coming your way.

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Digital Deals

If you’re not a Premium player currently and you want to get the most from this weekend’s Double XP event, then we’ve got just the thing. From Thursday November 24th at 12:00 (UTC) through to Monday November 28th at 10:00 (UTC) you can save 25% ON ALL Premium membership options and Salvage Crate bundles via the in-game store. We’ll also be including some Steam bundles in the promotion too (we’ll have more on this tomorrow along with a full breakdown of the savings).

Presents for everyone!

We love this time of year; nights in spent in front of a roaring fire (usually the result of taking out an opponent in Battle Arena), eating far too many mince pies and giving presents. As our way saying thanks, we’re going to shower you with presents in Robocraft. From Thursday November 24th at 12:00 (UTC) through to Thursday January 5th at 10:00 (UTC) everyone who plays Robocraft and opens a salvage reward crate has a chance of receiving one of two mystery presents. The more crates you open, the better chance you have of finding a present and Protonium crates have the highest likelihood of containing them. Please note that the presents will remain wrapped until 12:00 (UTC) on Thursday January 5th. If really can’t wait until January to unwrap yours, you can recycle them for Robits before then.

In addition to the double XP, the presents and the digital deals going into this week’s update, we’ve squashed a few bugs and made some other changes too:


As part of our efforts to streamline the purchasing of robots on the CRF and to help us in preparation for our future multi-language localisation update, we have introduced a single purchase option for all Robots in the CRF. With the Thanksgiving update the ‘full forge cost’ is no longer an available option (see example layout below).

All Robots currently on sale in the CRF will remain so; and remember, 25% of any Robits spent when buying a Robot goes back to Robot builder.



  • An issue relating to the Robocraft client randomly displaying in the incorrect resolution on boot up has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug in the CRF which displayed a 4 billion Robit cost
  • Clan lists are now sorted correctly
  • Using a Ghost module and Headlights while on NORMAL or lower quality settings now does not stop you from using your loadout
  • Fixed an issue with Hotkeys not working for Mac and Linux users when logging in or returning to the Edit Mode from Test Mode


  • 20% energy cost increase to Blink Module
  • 20% energy cost increase to Ghost Module
  • From Thursday, all Crate Bundles of 25 and above are guaranteed to contain at least one legendary item

Expect this build to go live at 12pm UTC tomorrow.